This shit is real and really crazy

WARNING… Sex toy may melt

clit kisser



Well you may not have thought of such a thing… but some sex toys melt/dissolve when they come in contact with lube…. LUBE!!!

Wait… no way… sex toys and lube are not meant to be together? WTF!!!??? Yeah that’s right. Turns out that clit kisser can not have lube on it, or it will melt. Not only did it melt, but it ruined some of my other sex toys. I lost about $150 worth of toys. I am pissed to say the least.

Obviously there should be a warning in the description on the site ( or on the package. I mean they kinda come in contact as a general rule.

It is just so fucked up. This thing simulates oral sex. I loved this thing. But I also loved the toys it took down with it. It stained most of my other toys 😥

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