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You’ve gotten really good at making every sentance out of your mouth be an insult


Oh my God. I swear I just hide from my fucking mother lately. She can not say a damn thing to me without taking some dig or bitching. I get her these movies for Christmas that she has always wanted me to watch with her. She is all, woo thanks and love love love. Then the next day, in front of Chris as an added bonus, she gets all bitch on me. I am telling him about it and she is listening to me and soon as I say I am gonna watch them with her, she says, well I want to watch them with you, but when you say you will watch things with me, you are never in the “mood” to watch them and so I just watch them without you. I just want to point out that if you combine teen mom and 16 and pregnant (two shows I watch with mom), I have 3 seasons on my DVR that have yet to be watched because I am waiting for her to watch them with me. So, will I be eager to go watch them with her? No I fucking won’t now.

Last night she wanted me to do laundry, because she would rather go out to eat than buy a pair of pants so she only has one pair of pants. She is supposed to have two pair but she refused to try on the recent pair she bought so my guess is they do not fit. I tried repeatedly to get her to try them on. Anywho, I started doing laundry, darks first so her pants would be done first. The load that was in the dryer already, I simply put in a laundry basket.

I just now walked in there to put her wet pants in the dryer and she is in there already. I could tell she was not happy. This is starting to be her personality. I said, I was just on my way to do that. She goes, “Well I just saw my tops in the laundry basket and I thought I would hang them up before they became wrinkled beyond recognition”. I’m being nice enough to do laundry so she could “watch” tv which really was her sleeping on the couch as apposed to her bed which I basically find useless. Instead of thanking me, she has to make comments.

She basically never says anything nice anymore. I asked for a hug yesterday and she goes, “Well you don’t usually like hugs so I was just gonna leave you alone.” She bitches that I never hug her and I offer to and instead of giving me one, she bitches.

And the tone she says all this with. Fuck my life. I used to like being around my mom all the time. All she does is bitch.

She desperately needs windshield wipers so I got her some for Christmas. I got pink ones and the proceeds went to research for breast cancer research. If you have read my blog posts, you know cancer has affected my family greatly and so I figured she would love it. Nope, she doesn’t.

Even when she says something nice, there is some comment at the end. I need a vacation from mom. But I have no where to go. I just want to spend the night some where for like 2-3 nights.

I swear if Chris was not living with me right now, I would lose my mind. At least I have someone to talk to when he is here.

Does anyone out there want a roommate for a couple of days? I’ll clean and do your laundry.

2 comments on “You’ve gotten really good at making every sentance out of your mouth be an insult

  1. psychofab
    December 30, 2013

    Will you paint? Lol

  2. psychofab
    December 30, 2013

    P.S. Sorry she’s in a mood. Wonder what’s gotten into her.

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