This shit is real and really crazy

Toys are a girls best friend…

Sometimes I am horny and sometimes I am horny…. really that is basically it. Over the last year or more, I can not think of a day that I was literally NOT horny at all.

I used to refuse my ex-husband on a daily basis. I honestly just do not think I am capable of refusing…. now this is not to say I am sleeping around. I have control over this shit bitches… But I do molest myself almost daily sometimes.

Our water stopped coming out of the tub/shower all together so a plumber was supposed to come here today but never showed up due to the snow. Good ol’ Ky. But I stayed up watching a really good movie called, “My Awkward Sexual Adventure” which I HIGHLY recommend.
sex adventure

Well watching this caused me to stay up late enough that it was just smarter to stay up all night, rather than go to bed a few hours and have to drag myself out of bed. Well… I think I have mentioned before that sex and orgasms and the like keep me awake instead of putting me to sleep like so many.

So… right around 6:45am I began to watch hentai and I didn’t stop til 2:19p, and MOST of that time, I was pleasuring myself with my toys. I had to make myself stop because I am sore. I still want to have sex though lol. Nothing beats the Josh lovins. But some of my toys are in the running.

I got this handy attachment for my hitachi wand…


that is to hit the g-spot and boy does it work. In fact it is the only thing that gets my g-spot going. But the curves on each end hit spots too. One hits my clit and one hits my asshole and both of those are a very very nice added bonus.

But my favorite attachment …

clit attachment

That thing is amazing. Makes me cry out. It’s just a beautiful creation. The hitachi wand alone can not get me off. but with those attachments, I can get off multiple times. And today was no exception.

This is my new toy and it brings great sadness…

new toy bummer

I bought this for the times I am alone, but alas I can not get it in me alone. All the reviews on amazon are couples so I guess that should have given me a hint. I will have to have the josh try it on me because I am just not flexible and you mix that with the fact that the anal beads are too limp for me to get em in. I am really bummed because I am wanting to have anal sex in the some what near future and this is supposed to be for beginners so I was trying to start the process of stretching. Oh well, hopefully my boy will want to lend me a hand with this toy soon.

These are also new…

nipple clamps

I love them… but the bells cause me to not be able to use them unless I am alone. Plus the bells are for me being on top so while I thrust the bell jingles so again, I need some Josh time for this new toy like thing.

Totally looking forward to trying all the new stuff with him. Hope he will be too.

Ps… thank goodness for streaming hentai.

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