This shit is real and really crazy

“If you’re like me, and I know I am” – Godzilla Vs Megalon

Ok… so MST3K is a show where they show old movies and they riff them. Which means they make comments and jokes through out the movie. While there was a showing on KTMA in 1988, the official series was aired on the Comedy channel in 1989 which later merged and became the Comedy Central channel. The last shows aired in 1999 aired on the SCI-FI channel.

Now you can buy box sets of the series on DVD (not blu-ray except the movie) but not seasons. There are sets of episodes but not seasons where you can watch the first episode through to the end of season. They have not even released all of the episodes on official DVD yet.

The show as it starts is about a guy named Joel that is an inventor and his boss doesn’t like him so he basically kidnaps him and then sends him in to outer space. Joel is in space alone so he builds himself 3 robots

mst3k robots

While Joel is in outer space with his robots, his boss that shot him in to space makes him come up with inventions and then view old crappy movies (crappy being and understatement at times, and others an over stratement).

The movie that I viewed was Godzilla vs Megalon. I had never seen any Godzilla movie aside from the shitty American version. I may not have been a fan of the originals but still, the American Godzilla was really just someone wishing they got to make a Jurassic Park movie.

In this movie, my brain just could not agree more with the riffers comments. It was tragic… but quite funny. Only, I do not think it was meant to be funny.

Godzilla is not really in most of the movie, he just kinda comes out toward the end to say hi and save the day with the other thing which is a robot built by some scientists. There is a little boy in it as well and when the movie starts you see this little kid out in the ocean on some weird as floating toy.

mst3k boy

Through out the movie this kid is in all kinds of dangerous situations. He is with two guys and they have invented a robot which bad guys want to steal.


There are also nuke testing going on and it is upsetting the people of Seatopia which is sometimes referred to as a planet under the sea, and other times it is referred to as a country under the sea.

seatopia guy

seatopia kkk

And yes, I have noticed and so did the MST3K riffers, that the Seatopia people look like glorified KKK members.

They do not like the bombing so naturally they send their own version of a monster.

seatopia monster

Their monster doesn’t seem to really have the capability of making the bomb testing stop. But it does seem to make more destruction.

Eventually the robot tries to save the day and will eventually go get Godzilla. There is fighting and then suddenly out of no where… this shows up


Godzilla does this random limbo-like slide


Oh and apparently robots can get dizzy. Yes… I swear, the robot gets dizzy.

So… I hope this is enough info to get you to check out MST3K’s episode # 212. I am not the biggest fan, but they were dead on with their comments. They took the words right out of my sarcastic mouth. I laughed quite a bit.

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