This shit is real and really crazy

The muffin shop is OPEN for business people…

Well I am very very single now. Got my ass dumped through a fucking IM… yep that happened. We are attempting to be friends. We will see. I hope we are but we will see.

I am on dating sites, 2 so far but I think I may get on a few more. Anyone know of some free ones? Louisvillemojo is free again so it is next on the list.

Looking for FWB’s and dating.. NO commitments. Love is over rated. Kinda like Valentines day which I also got dumped on… yeah that happened too.

Back on my diet too. Started taking diet pills last night and ate perfectly… but the diet pills caused me to feel sick all night so I did not get laid as planned. But there is always tonight. Nathanial is coming back tonight for a second attempt lol.

There was a possible FWB in the running but tonight out of no where when I said I do not fuck the first time I meet them, he goes, “Well that’s ok, seems like you have lots of guys already anyways.” Wow, some guys can not handle the word no. Sorry but I was brought up better than that. Just not gonna fuck the first meeting. So he lost major points. Creeeeepy vibes. RED FLAGS!!!

I just want sex right now but I do not want to fuck strangers. I need to meet like a few times. Damn. No more boyfriends for a while because apparently commitment means your dick shrivels up and goes all limp and says bye bye.

I have way too high of a sex drive to deal with that any time soon. Oh what’s that? You love me? Oh what, wait, you love me but you do not want to fuck me or even kiss me? Nah, I will pass. You were cheating anyways, if not physically, at least emotionally.

Ladies, when your guy won’t change his status on FB, there IS A REASON FOR THAT!!! It’s called, you’re a secret. You are NOT the one in his mind.

I have been in a damn relationship be they two sided or extremely one sided for a very very way too long kinda time. Time for Cassandra to spread her, get her freak on, wings and fly.

2 comments on “The muffin shop is OPEN for business people…

  1. ryan
    February 22, 2014

    Sorry to hear that. Cheer up, though! You are pretty, sexy, and well, smart too! I would go on but i don’t wanna sound like a perv

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