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The OH! in Kentucky….

orgasm hand

Woman s Hand Squeezing Bed Sheet

Ok, so my readers may have picked up on the fact that I have never had an orgasm from penetration except a few times when I use my hitachi wand with this…


But… I had the real thing folks for the VERY FIRST time. ME… I had a vaginal orgasm from penetration. My beloved FWB, Nathanial fingered me and it happened…

Most the time when I cum, it is very little and the guy can not tell. But this time, he felt me contract on his fingers and then he felt my juices flow…


It was INCREDIBLE!!! It is soooo different thann a clitoral orgasm. Not that I am knocking a clitoral orgasm. I love those too. But a vaginal orgasm, meaning i had an involuntary contraction of the pubococcygeus. That is the muscle surrounding the entire wall of the vagina and it has millions of nerve endings allowing you to have a much much more powerful orgasm than a man. Ladies, until you have this, you have not had a real orgasm.




The best part was his reaction. He knows all about my sexual history and knew that I had never achieved this. Hell for the longest time I had never had an orgasm period. I never had one until the second year I was with Chris. I think I might not have ever had one if not for the movie “The OH in OHio”.

Chris was great in bed. Don’t get me wrong. But I kept stopping him. He would finger my clit and it would feel amazing and get more and more intense and I would stop him every time. My brain kept saying to me, if it gets any more intense it is going to hurt. So for over a year I stopped him. Every single time. Then I saw the movie and I just decided that I had to let it happen.

This was of course what inspired me to try getting tied up because then I could not stop him, literally. Eventually I did not have to be tied up once I got over the fear I was gonna like, die from pleasure that would turn in to pain.

And later came multiples. But they were always from clitoral stimulation. I really hope Nathanial started something new and it was not a one time fluke. Time will tell.

God being single is fun. My sex drive is off the charts too. I am masturbating up to 7 times a day sometimes. Wonder if I can find me a man that can keep up.

For now, Nathanial is the king of my pussy 🙂

One comment on “The OH! in Kentucky….

  1. angelwanderer
    March 3, 2014

    Well done Nathanial.-A

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