This shit is real and really crazy

Some guys just suck….

So there is this guy that has wanted to go on a date with me for like two years.  He already stood me up once and had excuses about working late and didn’t want to text me cause it got late and he didn’t want to wake me up.  I like to give people chances so I let it slide.  He was sorry blah blah blah.  Men always know the word sorry but do not live up to it’s meaning. 


Tonight he kinda sorta asked me out… but he can not even tell me if it will be today or tomorrow … He says he will let me know when he is free, but he will definitely let me know…. Right… And I am just gonna sit around for two days waiting for a text?  Fuck that.  He just lost out.  I am a woman who likes structure and planning.  I want to know times and dates…. Not I will let you know.  

This… is not me …



He has a foot fetish so that was intriguing.  I like the idea that a guy not only likes my eyes and tits but he thinks I have sexy feet.  I wanted to try something new.  But never mind.  So not gonna wait around for 2 days for when he is available.  How about when I am available?  Does that not matter?  I said I was available both evenings but that does not mean I would not do something with that time if I did not have a date….  No thanks.  He can kiss my ass.


Oh well. 

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