This shit is real and really crazy

Do I taste bad?… Lesbian dreams…

Ok, so… That was a basic exact image of my dream last night between me and a girl named Tara that I used to be friends with.  Old Tara that is.  We are in this exact position and the difference is, we are in spaghetti strap tank tops… black of course.  We were both in to the color black more than white.  I am caressing her and touching her and i put my hands on her shoulders to imply that I want her to eat me out and she doesn’t budge.  Then I try to kiss her, but she pulls away.  I go, please baby, just kiss me at least.  Please kiss me.  And she looks away and then back at me… Cause lets face it, Tara was never that uh… well she didn’t sugar coat it.  So she looks right in my eyes and goes, I just can’t.  You just taste so bad. 

Yeah… this has become such an issue in my life, that I am dreaming about it.  Multiple partners that enjoy giving oral to a woman, have done it to me. Once.  And then never again.  Josh said I tasted bad.  This had always been a fear. 

Now, though I am bi-sexual, I have never gone down on a woman.  Fingered yes, kissed yes and a lot of other things you do when you are young and do not know what all there is to do… But like I said, the only oral I have given is to a man. 

Now I have sucked a guy many a times after he was inside me… So I know what I taste like.  I taste like me.  I do not think I taste bad, but once again I have nothing to compare to.  And probably never will.  All I know is only one person has asked to do it again and again.  My best friend. 

All I know is Josh went down on me once the first time we dated and once the second time.  Now I may have mentioned he did drugs the first time we dated, so maybe he just didn’t remember what I tasted like.  But I can tell you it only happened once this time too. 

My ex-husband only did it a few times.  He had not really learned how to yet, and after he would go down on me the 3 times he did it, and then he would kiss me it would freak me out that I had a woman’s taste in my mouth (even if it was mine) and so I didn’t want him to do it.  He didn’t seem to care either.  I guess he did not get off on it. 

He says he does it now and has developed his skills and is good at it now.  And I am over the whole not wanting to admit I am bi so now I would let him and ask for it every time.  But it is too late now lol… Cause I am not looking to hook up with my ex-husband lol.  God even thinking about it is weird.  Though the option to make out with him has been brought up in recent and single times.  I did not end up doing that… Mostly because I want the thought of hooking up with him feel utterly bizarre and not open up that door again.  First love fire has been put out.  Let’s keep it that way.  I fell in love with that kiss.  No need to relive that. 

So for now, I guess I will be a giver…


But this is what I want a few times a day…

For LONG extended amounts of time. So maybe it is time to get some of that edible lotion, and oils and flavored stuff for oral.  Cause I am just not ready to give up enjoying oral.  Receiving that is.  Obviously if you have read any of my blogs you know that I give head any time a guy wants.  To me that is part of being in a relationship.  It is part of foreplay.  To me it is as important as the actual sex, as the kissing. 

I do not understand women who do not give blow jobs.  To each their own.  But I actually enjoy it… within my set of rules of course.  As mentioned before, no cumming in my mouth.  Do not put your hand on my head.  I am sub, but when I give head, I have to be in control.  I gag very easily and I am no porn star so I do NOT like gagging.  To tell you the truth guys, neither do they.  They get paid for that.  If you want to pay me, maybe I will let you shove the back of my head down as much as you want.  Those bitches get paid well to put up with that.  And well they should.  I however do not get paid.  Now guys, well straight guys, you tell me the truth… If I put a dick in your mouth deep enough to gag you, would you get off on that?  No?  Really?  Hmmm… I can not imagine why.  Oh yes I can.  Cause I do not like gagging on dick. 

Now does that look sexy?  Fuck no it don’t and if you say it does, keep your dick away from me lol. 

Now since I have decided I do not want to give up receiving oral, getting eatin out, well I guess it is off to the sex shop I go…

I just need to get this, or one of his friends…

And then we can get back to this…

I also want to try this on a guy…

I have never done that so it would be a first.  It has to be fun though.  Can’t imagine that sensation.  Must try in the future.  And this too, I want to try this…

This has been one of my fantasies for a very long time… since this movie in fact.  Varsity blues.  That’s an old movie now.  I really need to make this happen lol.










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