This shit is real and really crazy

Anal bleaching…

Ok, so when Mike was in town last time, we went to this porn store down town and they had kits for anal bleaching.  Not only did they have these kits, but they had them in the glass counters so no one could steal them…  Apparently people are less likely to steal an anal bleaching kit than a big floppy dildo. 

Funny thing is, though I usually provide pics of my topics, I can not find pics online of before and after anal bleaching. 

Now I have known about anal bleaching for years.  But from my knowledge (Pre-Mike visit) this was done by a professional.  But now I know that you can buy the kits.  I once let a girl bleach my hair with salon products… the lady at Sally’s said it was easy… I had yellow hair til my Grandma took pity on me and paid to have it dyed red.  Yellow, not blonde, yellow like the crayon.  It was BAD.  And my scalp burned for months every time I washed it.  So clearly this leads me to believe that I should not do at-home anal bleaching.

By saying, I do not want to do an at-home anal bleach kit, you might think I am implying that I bleach my ass… I do not.  Look, I will admit that I do not straddle a mirror every day and look at it, but whatever shade of whatever natural color it is, it is gonna stay that way. 

And say I didn’t want it to stay that way… How does one go about this?  I seriously doubt my skills at doing this on my own…  So who exactly am I going to ask to do this for me?  My mom?  My sister?  My man?  A good friend?  No I do not think I will ask Nathanial to bleach my anus.  We are very close and he has seen me naked and all that, but shit, I have limits on how personal my relationship with a lover is, never mind a friend.  So no, I do not think there is anyone I could possibly ask to bleach my anus.  Not one soul that has not gone to school for such an event. 

My ex told me he shaved his ex’s asshole… Now I have to ask, why didn’t she just do this herself?  Was she so un-flexible that she couldn’t do so?  I feel it is not so hard.  I can not imagine being bent over in front of my boyfriend, lover or husband and have them shave such a spot… Now if someone wants to shave my legs for me, have a go.  But my pink parts get shaved by me.  The end. 


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