This shit is real and really crazy

Why does this keep happening?

It doesn’t seem to matter if I’m in love, or love them or like them or just for them. Everyone I want doesn’t want me back. I’m cursed. I want more for my life. I want to get what I want. I want to be loved and desired in return as much or god forbid more than I love and desire them. It’s time I fucking get it.

6 comments on “Why does this keep happening?

  1. kslinger12
    December 15, 2014

    The saying of being cursed is certainly not within your grasp,love have the strangest way of showing itself yet the dawning concept of wanting such that love shall always be known to find our hearts

    • nosleepandcrazy
      February 25, 2015

      it was a really bad time. i have found some more positive people to love now. one in particular. so i am in a better place. still sucks being dumped on and shit on every damn day

      • kslinger12
        April 6, 2015

        I can’t seem to find you,I’ve tried to savour each moment yet you’re gone

      • nosleepandcrazy
        April 7, 2015

        I’m not gone. I am here. I am always here. Waiting

      • kslinger12
        April 7, 2015

        Indeed I truly thought you were,in the light of not being able to say a simple hello to the one that uplifted my realm to utter elation

      • nosleepandcrazy
        April 21, 2015

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