This shit is real and really crazy

Why the fuck did I wake up terrified and wet at the same time… I am so fucked in my head

ok just want to make clear here, i do NOT want this done to me. i would have a man arrested for this.  but you said you wanted to know what turns me on in person and what turns me on in general.  and this is something if i saw in a porn i would have to buy it.  what i want done to me and what i like to watch are somewhat different.  my porn taste is quite dark.  i had this dream a couple weeks ago.  and while i woke up in a horrible panic still feeling the pain and choking for air, for whatever reason i was dripping wet.  so here it goes…

I text you and tell you you I am cooking dinner for you tonight. Come over fast my love. When you get here I have nothing on but an apron and a collar. I sit you down and you eat my bakes chicken and I sit next to you. After you are content and full I take you hand. Put your hand on my neck so you can take hold of my collar. You know what to do. You lead me gently to my bedroom. Soon as we shut the door so that when my roommate gets home he doesn’t see what I’m about to do to and for you. But neither of us care if he hears us. In fact we hope he does cause we love the possibility of getting caught. You let go of the collar. I ask you to untie the see through apron. You do it slow and tender and run your hands down my breasts and clean shaved pussy mimicking it as it falls. You then put your hand on my throat and grab my hair and hold it up tightly so that i almost have to raise my heals. You then lunch with your mouth on to the back of my neck while
pulling my in with your hand gently on my throat.You suck and bite til I have marks and bruises and teeth prints. You mark me as your own so my other lovers know I belong to you one and truly. I moan and my vuluptuous breasts heave as I breaths deep hard breaths and let out a a sigh loudly and you hear the pleasure in the sound. You let go of my neck and my hair you caress me shoulders and begin to nibble on them enough to leave faint teeth marks again. As you do your hands tightly cup my breasts and you feel my beautiful aroused nipples. You loosen your grip and then put each nipple between the tips of your fingers squeezing and pulling and twisting to cause a small hint of pain.I turn around and lean in to kiss you and you put two fingers on my lips stopping me. And you say not yet. I then undress you gently. As I pull your pants down to your ankles you step out of them. You don’t have to ask. I put my hands on your already hard pulsing cock. I then
put my tongue on the tip and make circles around the head. I then run my tongue from the tip to the base and the. Up to the tip and then I begin to jerk you off. I’m skilled at this. You confess to me once more I am the best you have ever had and then I put my mouth on your cock grateful for your kinds words. I jerk off the base as I take in as much as I can working my mouth back and forth. You don’t touch my head because you know it scares me to gag me. You give me full control and you grunt and moan and take loud breaths. I stop and stand back up.Reach over and take the paddle off the table covered in toys. I hand it to you and lean over the bed flat til my breasts and face are pressed on the bed. My legs are spread as far as they can. I say to you you may begin. The paddle has hearts carved out. You paddle me. One smart sting at a time. Leaving beautiful heart shapes on my big round ass that you worship.You smack and smack. I jerk with small lunges
and you stop to feel if I am wet. I am soaked. You say to me you love how how my pussy worships your pain. I ask if I may stand. You say please do.I then lean in for a kiss which you happily do as I have now earned it. You gently press your soft tongue in my mouth. Gently caressing me with no need to jab it in like my other lovers do. You know I dislike it. As we kiss I breathe hard and loudly. You reach down and feel I am wet as before. Maybe even more. You slide a finger in while kissing me. Once your finger is slacked you stop and take my collar pulling me down to grip on to the table. You slip a finger in again. Avoiding my clit. And soak your finger and pull it out. I know what is coming and if it were possible I would get wetter with anticipation. You take the top of your finger and circle my asshole and then slide it in. Gently at first and then work it in stretching circle and you can tell I have been using toys to stretch it to prepare for
beautiful hard cock. You stop to take the bottle of lube and put it on my hole and squirt a little inside. Then rub some on your cock and then you slowly put it into my ass and gently pull in and out before grabbing my hips and begin thrusting faster and faster. You fuck me until you cum inside me. Know I have never let anyone but fill my ass with your hot cum. Ass you pill out you put a butt plug in to keep your cum from sliding out.You then check to make sure my pussy is still wet, grateful for the fuck you had just given me for being a good girl for you. It’s not as wet as before but still very wet. You reach inside me to see how well you can see I’m tight from the plug pushing against my walls. I’m so tight you know making love to me will be at it’s best. But you need time to recharge. You want to cum even more than before in my pussy.You only then notice the ropes on all four corners of my bed. You tell me firmly to go lay on the bed. You tie my
wrists so that I can’t get away but not tight enough to hurt. You consider tying my ankles to the bed but you decide on the spreader bar instead. You pick it up and lay under my ankles that I have lifted to show that I want this. You grab the rope from the table and then tie each ankle to the bar. You know from previous adventures it adjusts. You spread it wider and wider til my legs are as wide as the bed.Then you use the ropes on the bed to tie the bar to them so tightly that no matter what you do to me I can’t lift my legs. You look at me and say who does this cunt belong to. I say yours and yours alone. I beg you not to lick my wetness. But you say, what did you say, sternly. I know my embarrassment of getting my pussy ate has only displeased you. You take your hand and smack my pussy lips three times and I wince and whimper. You ask me again who does this pussy belong to. I. Say yours. You say, say it again the right way. I know my mistake and ask
you to forgive me. You come up closer to my head and smack each breasts twice and I let out a whimper that you know I deserve forgiveness. You say again who does this pussy belong to. I say? Yours sir. My pussy is yours and yours alone. Please sir do as you desire. For this you grab the bed and pull it away from the wall so you can spread my legs even further.You then rub your fingers gently over my freshly spanked pussy to rub it and ease the sting. You slide a finger in and as usual I am almost dry from knowing you will be licking and tongue fucking me. My cheeks redden from embarrassment. You take your finger circling my clit til I am wet again. You do not let me cum. You won’t let me cum until I give in to the pleasure of your tongue and stop feeling shy. You reach over to the table and grab the bowl of candy. You put a blow pop deep inside me. And then you pull it in and out. I can’t look down at you. This makes me even more embarrassed. But for
that you enjoy it. Good girl you say.You then begin to suckle my breasts. You pull them in to your mouth softly. Then you begin to suck harder and harder. You keep sucking til your strength makes them turn bruises. You see how pleasured I am by the pain and you put a finger in my pussy to see how wet I am and as you pull out, your finer is wet with red sticky candy pussy juice which you then make me suck off. Once clean you caress my sore nipples. Circling them. I do not expect what happens next and you move so quickly i flinch when you latch on to the top of my breast with your teeth. You have a firm grip with your teeth. You not down hard while using your right hand to grab my other breast so hard it swells around your hand. Your bit remains tight till you are satisfied. You pull away seeing your teeth print on my breast. You ask me who my nipples belong to. I say yours sir. Yours and yours alone. Now thank me. I say thank you sir for my pain. You pat
me on the head as reward for speaking with respect and not coming to years from the pain I am grateful for.You then pour some maple syrup on my stomach and you lick it clean. Then you kiss me just enough to let me taste it but not nearly long enough to give me the kisses I want. Now it is time. I know this and I turn my head towards the wall. This offends you. You rush back to my upper body and smack me on the face hard. Not enough to bruise. My face is something you want to be perfect for you when we go out to eat later. You grab my jaw and command me to watch til you say stop. Then you grab two pillows and roughly shove then under my back so I’m raised to see everything. You say to me, who owns you. I say you sir. I am yours. No one else can touch me ever again. You then go down to my wet sticky pussy and gently pull out the melting sucker. You see my wet juices stringing out. You bring it up to my face and tell me, you will open your mouth or you
will be sorry. I open in without hesitation. You run your fingers from my lips and around my breasts.You flick my nipples. I try to make a sound that shows how much it hurts but the sucker muffles the sound. Then you run your finger slowly down my body until you reach my pussy with red juice from the sucker pouring out. You feel my clit to tease me cause you will not let me cum from that. Rather I like it or not I will cum from your tongue.You slide your tongue over the edges of the lips before sliding them in between. Then you start to lick slowly and then speed up getting more and more aggressive enjoying the cherry pussy juice flavors. You lick inside then and I bite down on the sucker. You say how dare you do that. Now eat it all. You suck and suck til your mouth is full with cherry juice. You come up to my mouth. Take out the sucker stick and set it aside before taking your fingers to pry my mouth open and then you let the cherry juice from my cunt
drip in to my mouth. You then tell me to swallow it. And I do. You go back down to my still wet pussy. You see that even though you made me drink my juices and I look horrified that my body still enjoyed it. You take your fingers and pull my pussy open as far as it will go and then you shove your tongue in harder and harder and harder and swivel it around inside before you come out to bite my thighs to once again mark me as yours once more. You tongue fuck me again and as you go deep you can feel the butt plugs ridges and you are turned by knowing those ridges will soon pleasure your hard cock. While spread open and exposed by your fingers you dive down on to my clit flicking it hard with your tongue.You do this until I am squirming hard against the bar and ropes and you know I’m close. You stop briefly to stick two fingers in my pussy roughly to cause a sting. You have not allowed me to have sex in months and I am so tight your two fingers make me ache
and you pull in and out a few times and then pull them out. You make me suck them clean. The look of shame on my face pleases you. You know that not only am I embarrassed by you eating me out but you are also embarrassed by getting so much pleasure out of it.Then you spread me back open even wider with one hand and with the other you give on ears flick to my clit. Then you keep me spread and tongue my clit in circles and then take your tongue to tip and dance it until I can’t hold it in and I cum. By now the cherry flavor is gone. What you haven’t sucked out has dripped down to my ass and you know that will be yours soon. You come up to my face and make me taste my cum and kiss me hard enough to make my lips ache. Then you say who does your mouth belong to. And I say you sir. You say I can’t hear you. I say loudly that my voice can travel through the window by my head for the neighbors sitting outside can hear. My mouth belongs to you! And you say how
dare you not show respect to me.I quickly say sir loudly but it’s too late and you but down on my shoulder til it’s marked. You say again who owns your mouth. I say loudly my lips belong to you sir. Then you say who owns your shoulder. I say loudly you own my shoulder sir. You say what else do I own. And I say my pussy sir. You own my pussy.You then climb go down to my feet and untie then. Put them on your shoulders and thrust yourself inside me so hard I cry out. You say to me you can scream all you want. But if the neighbors become worried and knock on the door you will answer it naked and tell them you are sorry to bother them. I say yes sir. And I remain quiet as you thrust hard as you can in and out. But you don’t cum. Once my pussy is sore you stop just before you cum.You tie my legs tightly together at my ankles. You intie my hands. You have me face outs bent over on the bed and you tie one arm to the head board and one to the foot. You kick my
ankles until my legs are far apart. Then you lick all those cherry juices out of my cheeks. The butt plug still in tight while you move above it and click between my cheeks more. Once in a while you slap my ass hard til it’s good and red. You ask me how sore my ass is. How sore my hole is. You say don’t lie. And I confess to you that it hurts terribly sir. You remove the plug and watch your cum pour out. You lean over and bite my ass cheek til it has teeth prints. And you ask me who own my ass and I say yours sir. You own my ass and I say it loudly and I add that no one has made my ass hurt so good. And then you grab my hips and slowly push your cock in to my ass and begin to thrust harder and harder til I cry out again. While still in me you reach up and push your hands under till you find my nipples and squeeze hard and pull them so hard my breath wavers as I say desperately ow. You say I own your ass and if you scream again you will punish me. You
then pull out. Grab the leash. Attach it to my collard and pull my head up and thrust in to my ass hard and fuck me harder and harder. I stay quiet. You do not cum this time. You put a larger butt plug in. This one is glass and it was in the freezer til you arrived and it is still cold.You push it in gently. You untie me. Tell me to suck off your cum from the first time off your cock. I do so with shame. You say stop and tell me to smile. You pull me up hard by my hair. You put on a robe you keep here and take my leash and walk me to the shower. You tell me to get in and wash you. Once you are clean you have me tongue fuck your clean asshole.You untie me and have me suck the cum off your cock from the first time your came on my knees. Once you are satisfied you pull me up by my hair. You grab my jaw firmly and said you are in for a treat tonight. Something new. You put on a robe you keep here. You won’t embarass yourself in front of my roommate and his
gf that are very worried from my screams. But you grab the leash and parade me down the hall as they watch. You turn on the shower.You tell me to get in. You have me wash you clean. Every inch of you. Then you command me to tongue fuck your asshole I just washed. As I do you begin to jerk off but not letting yourself cum. Then you turn around and tell me to sit on my knees. You jerk off til you come on my face. Then you say to me you are a good girl. You pat me on the head and then say would you like me to wash you now. I nod my head and you wash every part of me and only then pull out the plug.All the cum drips out. You tell me to bend stand up straight and bend over and you wash my ass and then in my sore hole. The soap stings more than your finger. Then you surprise me with another sucker and insert it in my sore hole. But I’m loose now and it won’t stay in so you put in three more and then they stay. You tell me that I better clinch or you will have
to spread me open to get them outAs I do I wonder if the the spreading me open to get them out would hurt more than clinching around them. Buy I do as I’m told. You proceed to wash my hair. Then you take me out and dry me off. You comb my hair. Put it in a braid and say that braid will be nice to hold on to. And then I know you have more in store for me and I pray it is sex in my pussy. You tell me to bend over the bed. You take out the suckers. You then tongue fuck me. Sucking the juice out and then make me swallow it. You say to me who owns that stretched out hole. And I say you own it sir. You ask me who else and I say who else owns it. And I say no one. And you say to me, how long has it been since you had another lover. I say about a year sir. And you say not about. Exactly a year. On this day last year you fucked another man. This night was to remind you that a day with another man will never happen again. You then take a wash cloth from the bowl
of water on the table and wash me off. You say to lay down. You pick up a few more things. You wash my pussy. Spray shaving cream on it. And begin to shave it like you do every other day. I spread my legs open so you can get every hair. You wipe me clean and run your fingers to feel how smooth I am. And you are pleased.You tell me to bend over the bed. I’m so terrified you will fuck me in the ass I tremble. But you don’t. You put cream inside it and say don’t worry my love. This will make you numb. I don’t hesitate when I thank you and you can tell I am truly grateful and soon I am numb. You show me the bottle and you say this is yours. Use it four times a day and you will not feel a thing until you heal. I smile at you and say thank you sir. I truly mean it. And you are pleased. You then tell me to climb on to the bed and face the head board and I know my reward is finally hear. You are already hard because submitting to you and letting you shave me
shows true trust and that makes you hard. You climb on to the bed and get behind me.You push my head down and let me press it down on the mattress so that my ass is high and my pussy is in the perfect position for you. You know how much I like this position. You grab my favorite most powerful vibrator off the table and hand it to me so I can use it on my clit as you insert yourself in to my pussy. I cum very quickly. The pain is almost forgotten and I’m completely numb. All that is left is pleasure. You say tell me what I like to hear and I know what you need from me. I confess my love and tell you, you are the god of my idolitry. You continue you fucking me as I use my toy. I cum five more times before you cum deep inside me. I collapse as you let go of my hips.You then get the oil and tell me to turn over so you can worship me back. You rub my whole body. Spend extra time on my bruised nipples that are now purple. You caress me until I drift off to
sleep. You get a blanket and cover me up. You go in to the kitchen. No need to avoid the roommate. It’s late and he is in bed. You sip on wine I had bought me. And you read until you grow tired and go and sleep next to meAs you climb in bed I wake a little and you say, shhh. Go back to sleep and you pull me back side into you and hold me tight. Hours later you wake up to me jerking you off. You can barely speak from so much pleasure and you once again tell me how I am the only one who can get you off with my hand. Once you cum I suck you clean. Wash you with the warm rag I had gotten before I began touching you. I lay on your hairy chest that I love and run my fingers through and play with the hair I love so much. This time you don’t have to ask. I say to you, you own my body. You own my pussy, my ass and my breasts. All of me is yours and yours alone sir. You say to me, and I am yours and yours alone.You then pick out clothes. You pick out my panties
that are black lace. They barely cover my ass. You pick out a matching bra and then my jeans. Tight jeans and a low cut top to not only show off your property but also my marks on my breast. You tell me to wear my hair up so so everyone can see my marked neck. Then you take me out to eat and say pick anything you want. You are my love and you must have the finest. You order me every desert on the menu so I can taste them all. The waitress notices my bruises every time she checks on us and this brings a smile to both our faces. My bruises are a badge of honor for my submission and trust I gave to you. As we go home you stop and buy me three dozen roses in my favorite color. And lots of babies breath cause you know how much I love them.You hand them to me when we get home and you say I’ll be right in. You come back and say let us go to your bedroom. As soon as the door shuts I set me roses on my dresser. When I turn to you you are down on one knee with a
ring so big I can see it from across the room. You say to me last night you proved to me that you love me and would serve me and worship me forever. I beg you to give me that forever. I drop to my knees right in front of you and kiss you hard and deep and whisper yes before kissing me again. Then you you stand up taking my hand and lead me to the bed. You put extra cream inside my ass so there is no pressure as you you then lick my pussy. I do not resist and iu know I never will again. Once I cum in your mouth you make love to me gently until you cum inside inside my puss. You don’t have to say anything. I confess my love and worship and thank you for giving me the gift of your love. You hold me in your arms and as I twitter my fingers in your hair. We lay there in bliss.

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