This shit is real and really crazy

That sting I love so much…. Spread your legs further….

The wait is harder to take than any pain he offers.  And what he offers, I take and I wish only to show him how much I enjoy it.

When he arrives, there is that simple banter… casual how have you been, etc.  He asked me how  my day was, and things had been a little rough.  He reached for me and held me.  Caressed my arms as my head rested on his shoulder.  “It will be ok” he says so tenderly, with love.  His embrace and his kind words begin their affect, the seduction has started and the rest of the world melts away, fades in to the back ground and I know soon I will forget anything other than him and me.  And  then he says what I have been waiting to hear for days, “Want to go cuddle in bed?” and I of course hop of and tell him, “Yes please”.

As always I lay facing the other way.  Facing him means getting to kiss him, but it cuts out the chase, the tease.  I remain fully dressed and I face the wall.  He strip down and lays behind me, against me.  Wraps his right arm around me and begins his search.  Takes him less than minutes to get exacerbated in finding my nipples.  The tight tank top and that bra just cloak my girls.  “Take this off” he says.  “Leave that on.” and so the tank top stays on and the bra comes off.  His efforts to get me to face him goes unanswered.  His touch only grows stronger by not getting what he wants.  But the more his hands wonder and grab at me, the more I want his mouth on mine and soon, I give in to his request and turn over to face him.

That first kiss, not gentle, makes my skin come to life.  What began slow and dream like, now quicken.  My heart races and I want him more than I have ever wanted him before.  He reminds me then that he had a long day at work, and I know why he says it.  I know he is all sweaty and he wants me to prove to him I do not care of these minor details.  I do not care what he smells like, if he showered or shaved.  All I know is my wanting.  I will have him.  And I will give myself to him.

The kissing begins again, only this time it is harder and he has me by my ponytail hard and rough.  He stops and tells me, “Hand me the paddle” and I do.  It hangs above my bed for when he comes to me.  The first sting I feel is the tops of my thighs.  Then he slides the paddle between my legs.  He commands me to spread my legs open and I do as I am told.  One sting first on my inner right thigh to make a point that my legs are not open enough.  I spread them farther and he grabs my hair and jerks my head back and one sting follows another.  Saying I was wet is like using that word moist to describe a shower.

The sex that followed was the best sex I had had in a very long time.   I got fucked good and hard til I was sore.  I got fucked twice with no break from touching and kissing and a few swats with the paddle in between.  When he came that second time I reached for the water bottle next to my bed and drank every drop.    I came more times than I bothered counting.  My body shook and quivered… I will long for something close to it until his touch finds my body once more.

4 comments on “That sting I love so much…. Spread your legs further….

  1. Len
    March 6, 2015

    nicely written…fantasy or recent experience?

    • nosleepandcrazy
      March 6, 2015

      recent experience. The sex that followed was the best sex i have had in years… but the thing that made it so hot was the beginning. and thank you

  2. Len
    March 6, 2015

    glad you found some happiness…

    • nosleepandcrazy
      March 7, 2015

      now if i can just have some sexy happiness… a lot more often… til i walk funny…. i may just get a spark in my eye all the time lol

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