This shit is real and really crazy

When moms die on channel 7 (CW)…

Well I know I know…. Tv is  not real.  It is just play pretend.  But I have been watching The Vampire Diaries from the very first episode.   And one of the main characters’ mom has left the show through death.  All of the super natural in the world seeps out of this show, yet cancer claimed her life.  I can not shed these tears without being a little embarrassed and also, without remembering the tears we all shed when Buffy’s mom died.


I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Classic WB show, later CW and then went on to another channel.  Not many people my age do not know that first cord on the electric guitar that leads in to the Buffy theme song.  Do you remember how you felt?  How sudden it was?  She was sick and then she was all better.  We felt safe.  Mrs. Summers was home and feeling good in her pretty dress.  And then she was gone.  No matter how many times I watch that show, dread fills my heart when that episode is coming.  That moment when Buffy finds her, how silent that moment it.  The sweat that builds as Buffy tries to bring her back.  Our hearts broke with hers.  We waited for her to come back to life.  But no, for once, when someone died on Buffy, they were really gone forever.  And so it would appear such sad truth is the same for Mrs. Forbes.

vampire diaries

My tears have been shed, I feel sad and silly for caring so much about a fictional character all at the same time.

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