This shit is real and really crazy

Please do not rub your pubic hair on my shoulder….. Corey the wise owl

Well as you know I write from the crazy in my head, but also many times, from real life.  And after that, what more could I say to him… cept, what do you want to be called in my blog.  Well readers, let me introduce you to the stimulating conversation between me and Corey the wise owl.

“I love the way it looks on a guy.  And I love the way it feels on my skin”

“Cool, I’ve gotten a lot of compliments out of it.”

“Just that stiff hair on my shoulders and the back of my neck”


“Facial hair”


“What did you think I meant?”

“I didn’t know”

“Please tell me, you didn’t picuture me saying I want you to rub your pubic hair all over my neck and shoulders.  Actually, please tell me that is what you thought.  Cause that would make me chuckle.  I could use a chuckle.”


“You did!!! I have this whole visual of you crouched over me rubbing your crotch all over me and me moaning.  God it’s times like this I wish I could draw.”

“For your chuckle tonight, yes it is.”

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