This shit is real and really crazy

Girls Don’t Have Mustaches… Inspired by true events…

David had been working at his job for several months.  One of those jobs where he said to people all day, “Have you tried turning it off, and then back on?”  He didn’t hate his job, but he didn’t love it either.  Nobody really knew each other there.  This job seemed to be a revolving door and as of about a month ago, he had been there longer than anyone else.  He tried to stifle the thoughts, ‘Am I the most dependable guy they hired?  Or is this such a terrible job that everyone else has found better things for their lives?’  He hoped he was just good at his job and reliable.

“David?  Hello?  Are you alive in there?”

It wasn’t her talking that snapped him out it, it was her laugh.  Her laugh was childlike.  Innocent and sweet to the ear.  As his head popped up and his eyes became alert, she stuck her hand out to shake his hand.  Her arm was straight as an arrow.  Almost like she meant to chop him in half, but at the same time it was cute and he took her hand to introduce himself.

“Hi, sorry.  My name is David.  I guess I was….”

“You were lost in space David.  My name is Zoey.”

She shook his hand and shook so hard, it made him wobble.  For a brief moment he was confused at such aggression, but then he heard her giggle and he realized she was just messing with him again.  David was 23.  She looked younger, but he wasn’t going to be rude and ask.

“Lincoln Park is the shit”, she said, noticing his confused face take over again.  “Your shirt David.  You have a Lincoln Park shirt on.  I saw them play in New York when I lived there.”

“Oh”, he said as he exhaled a low chuckle.

The clock ticked by, days passed by, soon weeks.  David and Zoey became fast friends.  David sometimes wondered if he even had a choice as to being her friend or not.  But he didn’t care.  He adored her.  She was even a great wing man when they went out to places, even if he just sorta had trouble talking to women.  Zoey had to try anyways.  They made sure not to miss Lincoln Park concerts when they came to Louisville.  Zoey knew matching t-shirts were so the 80’s but she didn’t care because that one was the best shirt they had and, “Only the best for us David”.

The end of January came and David turned 24.  David bought himself the newest season of House so him and Zoey could have a marathon and have a few drinks.  In the middle of the 3rd episode it became apparent that Zoey was staring at him.  What did she want now?

As he turned his head to see what she wanted, she leaned up on to her knees, leaned in to him, ran her fingers through his hair and kissed him.  This was his first kiss.  It was out of nowhere.  He stiffened at first, but then the comfort of his best friend settled him and he gave in to the kiss.  When her tongue slipped in to his mouth, he used his to dance with hers.  It wasn’t an overly long kiss.  But it wasn’t a quick kiss.  When she was done, she plopped back down in to her side of the couch and stared at him with that wicked grin Zoey wore so well.  He just stared at her.  What just happened?

“What?” she said.  “I just wondered if kissing a man was any different than kissing women.”

Her casual sarcasm went right through him and he burst out laughing.

“Well?  Was it any different weirdo?”

“Not really.  Cept, your mustache felt weird”

They both chuckled as the sound of the tv in the background became more present.

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