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The Shower…. A little bit of fiction…

The Shower

“What did you say baby?  Sorry this blog is just taking me so long to write.  How about I take a break and give you all of my attention for a while so you don’t have to keep making the sad puppy face every time you let out those not so subtle sighs?”

“That would make me very happy, pet.”

She saved her draft and closed her laptop.  He noticed the effort she made as she slinked towards him with her seductive walk.  She stood in front of him, where he sat on the couch.   One of her feet outside of each of his feet.  She used her knees to close his followed by her sliding on to her knees, each knee against each of his hips in one fluid motion.  She lowered herself, putting her weight on his lap.  She reached up and clinched her hands together behind his neck and suddenly her movements went from seduction to playful and cute and he couldn’t decide which turned him on more.  She leaned up in almost a bounce and gave him a peck on his left cheek, then lowered back down, once again sitting on his lap.  And without any cause whatsoever, her movements completely changed to slow and seductive and the smile on his face dropped, lips relaxed and he took a deep breath as he wondered what was going on in her mind.  He wondered how long she would make
him wait to find out if he didn’t ask.  What would he do?  Would he ask what she was thinking as her gaze never left his eyes any longer than a blink.

“What is going on in that crazy head of yours, my pet?”

“I can’t seem to put it in words, my love.”

“Now now, you are a writer and a damn good one.  You never stop talking, which I love.  Are you really trying to tell me, you, you of all people, can not put in to words what is swimming around inside there?”
As the last words left his mouth, he raised one hand and used the tip of his finger to touch her forehead with it to exaggerate the words he spoke.  She didn’t move, just a wicked grin crept out of one corner of her mouth.  What had he done right, he wondered.  Clearly he had pleased her.  Before he could finish his thoughts, both hands were clamped around his hand, leaving that one index finger out.  She brought his hand back to her face, and slowly slid his finger in to her mouth.  His entire finger slid through her lips, and then she closed them as she slid his finger out, tickling it with her tongue and just a hint of teeth before his finger was all the way out.

All she had on was a pair of white lace panties with ribbons on the hips, and one of his button down shirts, sleeves rolled up to her elbows.  He worked at a bank and every night when he came home to her, she undressed him and then put on his shirt.  He had a solid build, and she was small and petite.  His shirts made her look more beautiful in here mind than any woman to ever have existed.  Her hair was long and blonde with waves and curls draping around her shoulders and surrounding her face.  She had a habit of using her hands to pull all her hair up on top of her head and twist it and tie it in to a knot and that is exactly what she did.  Little short curled strands that didn’t quite make it to the top, hung down around her neck.  The light shown through and around her from the lamp in the distance.  He thought she almost looked angelic.  He was in aw of her, and he never could figure out who worshiped who more.

She reached down to each of his hands that laid limp  on the couch and put one on each of her thighs, and she pulled them up until his hands reached her hips.  Without her direction he slid one finger under each side where the ribbons loosely hung from the sides of her panties.  He suddenly couldn’t contain himself, he couldn’t resist her anymore.  He pressed his fingers in to her hips, and held firm around her and pulled her up, back on to her knees and then begged with his eyes for her lips to meet his.  She of course gave him what he wanted, what he needed and leaned in to him and kissed him.  Just a tasted before pulling away just enough to break contact.  His lips chased hers but she put her hands on his shoulders and held him in place.  She continued teasing him, giving him just enough of a kiss to lesson his grip around her and then she pulled away again.  But finally she gave in to his bidding and kissed him passionately.  She let go of his
shoulders and wrapped her arms around his head and neck.  As she kissed him, her back would arch and she would press against him and then pull away, provoking his instincts to throw her down and take her there on the floor.

She felt his pull begin to be push and she abruptly stopped.  She pulled his hands off of her, pulled him up toward her with one arm and then whispered, “Hands behind off.  Club rules state no touching the merchandise.”  She sat back down on his lap, further away from his body this time, making sure he saw every move she made.  She refreshed the grip of the knot holding her hair up, then places the tips of her fingers on the top button and slowly began to unbutton the shirt she had on.  She made sure that she took her time, making sure he knew it was on purpose.  Another thing he noticed was as each button was undone, she made sure the shirt stayed almost completely closed.  Torture was the word that now dominated the rapid thoughts in his head.

Once every button was undone, she leaned in, ran her fingers through his hair and almost kissed him.  Her mouth was so close to his, he felt her breath against his lips.  And then his hands reached for her to pull her in.  She swiftly, and firmly grabbed his wrists and pinned his arms against the back of the couch.  As she let go, she brought one finger to his eye line and waved it back and forth while saying, “Tsk tsk.”  She pulled up on to her knees, purposively leaning in to where for a brief moment her chest brushed against his face while sliding one leg down till one foot, both feet were on the floor.  Then softly she said, “remember, club rules.”

She turned her back toward him, both of her feet outside his.  She reached her arms up, and began to slowly dip the back of the shirt, teasing him once more.  She brought it lower and lower and then finally slid it off and let it slide down and hit the floor to his right.  All that remained on her body were those white panties.  He was frozen with his arms still held up and against the couch.  The need to touch her was unbearable, but the need to see what she would do next matched.  She then stepped in between his legs, one foot at a time, softly and then she dipped until her ass was placed just right on his lap and without warning she leaned back, arched her back, one hand on each side of him planted firmly on the couch as she began to swivel her hips and thrust.  She found just the right rhythm until he could not contain slight moans under his breath.  Her head leaned on to his chest as she worked him until she herself was moaning and he pressed hard
and stiff in to her.  She herself was aroused by that point, so she leaned up and got to her feet as her hair fell long, reaching to cover her lower back.

She faced the other way for a moment before she said, “Well, what are you waiting for?”  His effort to get to his feet exceeded his expectations and he was promptly against her with force.  His arms found her body, wrapped tight and he held her as if he thought he would never hold her again.  She reassured him as she reached up to wrap her arms around his.  Once his grip loosened she began to step forward while taking one of his hands in hers.  She pulled and he followed.

As the bathroom door shut behind them, she grabbed a hair tie and pulled her hair up in a tight bun before turning on the shower.  Once she found the perfect temperature, she turned to him and began undressing him.  All that was left now, was for him to slide down her panties, so she could step out of them.  As he knelt down to slide them off, he watched each foot step out with her toes pointed before planting them flat and he wasn’t sure why, but he found this incredibly sexy.  Even her feet were delicate like the rest of her.

As he stood up, his hands traced her body from her ankles to her breasts.  He switched to using the back of his fingers to caress her breasts and her nipples until he noticed her gaze in to his eyes and he grabbed her and pulled her in to him so hard he lifted her off her feet for a moment as he kissed her passionately.  No words were spoken, but both of them knew, the power had shifted.  His ruling would lead her now.

Quickly one of his hands was on each side of her and he pushed her back against the door hard and he kissed her roughly and deeply.  She reached to put her arms around his torso and he grabbed her wrists and pinned them against the wall, making her helpless and she didn’t even think of fighting against him.  “Spread your legs”, he said.  “Keep your arms up.  Don’t move.”  He kissed her face gently and made his way to her mouth and then slid down to her neck, then on to her shoulder where he sunk his teeth in hard and without thinking she wrapped her arms around his head while breathing hard and loud.  He stopped abruptly and even harder this time, pinned her arms against the wall and reminded her not to move again.

His full lips and hints of his teeth ravenously made their way to her nipples before he clamped down on one and pulled until her breast lifted up.  He used his fingers firmly to turn the favor to her other nipple.  The pain awakened her.  She obediently held her arms up against the wall, but her body writhed toward him.  He let go and began kissing his way down her body until he made his way below her belly button.  “Spread your legs more, my pet.  But keep those arms up.”

As his tongue parted her lips, he was pleased at how wet she was.  Her taste filled his mouth and then he came back up to kiss her.  She loved the taste of her juices mixed with the taste of his mouth.  He then dropped to his knees again, lifted one of her legs to put over his shoulder and he began pleasuring her until he could feel her leg quivering against him before she cried out as she came in his mouth.  He drank her up.  He pulled her leg off his shoulder so she could place her foot on the floor again.  As he stood up, his hands once again traced her body from feet to breast where he took his time enjoying himself once more.  Once her nipples throbbed and a mark was left on each breast he was satisfied and he reached up for her hands and lowered them for her.  She was free again.

He slid the shower curtain open and gestured for her to step in.  Once in the shower, there was no power exchanged or taken.  Passion filled the room as they kissed while water fell against their bodies.  His fingers entered her and her nails clinched down on his back.  He touched her until she came and wouldn’t stop until she begged him to.  She swore she could not take anymore.  He pulled his fingers away from her and brought them to her mouth and she sucked them clean.  He pulled her in to him and they kissed.  They lost track of minutes passing them by before he pulled away.

She reached for the soap and, working it in her hands until they was lathered up and she began washing him gently and thoroughly.  She spent most of her time on his hard cock.  He placed two fingers under her chin and lifted her face up to look in her eyes and she knew what he wished and she nodded and whispered, “yes”.

She began kissing his chest and his nipples.  As she worked her way down his broad body, she stopped at his hips.  One hand on each hip guided him against the wall and she used the tip of her tongue to trace circles on his hips and pelvis and his weight immediately gave way to lean back on the tilel.  Her tongue danced in circles, switching from one side to the other and a few nibbles here and there that made his legs weak.  She stopped and looked up for permission and he nodded hard and she bit down hard and sucked on his hip, leaving a mark of her own.  He couldn’t hold back anymore, “Oh God please do it”, loudly filled the room.  The dance was over, no more teasing.  With haste, she took his cock in to her mouth as deep as she could.  One hand wrapped around his leg for support and the other hand gripped tight to the base of his shaft.  Her talented hand matched only by her mouth, as they worked together to bring him to ecstasy.  Years of their
love had taught her how to be the very best at pleasing him.  Faster she went, tighter was her grip, until he grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up and spun her around.

He bent her over and as he commanded her to spread her legs, she had beaten him to the punch.  She was more than ready.  As he penetrated her, fast and hard, she sucked in her breath while biting her lip.  “Oh fuck”, she said, “Oh fuck me” she continued more than once as he gripped her shoulder with one hand, the other on her hip to pull her in deep.

Her face pressed hard against the tile, one foot found its way to the top of the side of the tub and water poured down her back.  He had made her cum so many times before, she was sensitive and it wasn’t long before his rhythm made her cum hard.  She had always been tight, but bent over like that made her even more tight than usual and soon he came, filling her up, one hand on the wall to keeping him steady.

He took deep breaths and pulled her up with one arm wrapped around her chest and he pulled her in, both walking backwards until he was against the wall as she leaned in to him.  Their breathing was hard as they were almost collapsed against the wall, both of his arms wrapped around her, one forearm above her breasts and one underneath and she tilted her head back, lifted her feet on to her toes to reach for a kiss.  As her lips made their way to his, she began swiveling her hips. Pressed against him for one more tease.  They both breathed out a slight laugh and he bit her lip before letting her go to turn her around.  “You are so naughty, pet.”  “You love me for it” she replied.

He embraced her for a moment before pushing her from his chest. He slid the shower curtain open gently.  He climbed out and she followed.  He dried her off before drying himself off.  Her hair was still up and the steam and water had made her little loose tendrils turn in to ringlets.  As he ran the towel down his arms and chest he admired those little curls and then watched her take her hair down.  She swung her head a few times and all of her hair, more curly than before, fell to her damp shoulders,  He took note of how perfect she looked wearing nothing but her long hair that draped across her breasts.

As he opened the door, the cool air from outside the bathroom hit their warm damn skin.  He turned around to her with a childish grin on his face and said, “Should we make a run for it?”  As she nodded and quietly said, “Uh huh”, with an equally childish grin, he grabbed her hand and they took off with excitement and innocence, running for the bedroom.  Covers were quickly shoved to the side as he leaped on to the bed, her following in equal thrill.  Within seconds she was curled up to him, one leg over his and wrapped around.  His arm around her shoulder and her head found his chest while he threw covers over their bodies.

She traced circles in the hair on his chest as their bodies warmed up.  Moments of silence passed before she tilted her head to bite down on his nipple and gaze up to him.  His limp body surged with life at the sudden pain.  What was she thinking now, he thought.  She reached for his right arm and placed it on her belly.  She giggled and said, “What do you think of the name Gabriel, if it’s a boy?”

2 comments on “The Shower…. A little bit of fiction…

  1. Len
    March 27, 2015

    wow…really well written. You have a way of bringing an original voice to each of your stories…plus they are sexy as hell!

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