This shit is real and really crazy

Crazy dream about my boyfriend…

I had the worst nightmare. I had a dream it was Christmas Day. And josh left lunch with my family without even saying goodbye. And everyone kept saying if they had known how poor I was they would have given me their gifts. Even little kids. And I was breeding lizards that had mice babies instead of lizard babies. And I was responsible for grandma to get her safely to the car but she let go of my hand and started speed walking up this hill and when I stopped her the distraction made her slip and skid down on her face. She made me sanitize her face with green scented hand sanitizer. I wasn’t that poor so I couldn’t figure out why everyone was feeling sorry for me. And I was wearing this ugly pink ball cap with white letters. Baby pink. Me… In a hat. I look retarded in a hat. Then right before I got on the van with my grandma, mom who was driving, great aunt and my aunt some slut with skinny legs and perfect cleavage walked up to me and pulled me aside and showed me a tiny paper cup that had crabs in it. As in skank crabs that were mine. I have no idea how she got them in a tiny paper cup. But josh had given me crabs! So I asked my mom to get out of the van to talk and everyone followed me. My whole family quickly knew I had crabs. 
I love josh with all my heart. I do not know why my brain in my sleep comes up with shit like this. He loves me anyways though. 

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