This shit is real and really crazy

Wait… what’s your real name?

Ever have one of those fucked up weird as shit days?

im having a mind f**k of a day…. my mind just got permanently blown up to the wtf mode. by random chance i see a guy that i know…. that i fucked a few years ago. His profile name says his name is Scott.. so i message him and say, hey. just a quick question, is your name really scott. obviously he doesnt remember me cause he writes back, yeah why. to which i reply, well i was just curious because when you fucked me you told me your name was john. so as i go over in my mind now the short list of people i have fucked im trying to memorize now that i have never fucked a man named john, but news to me, i have fucked a scott. he of course did not reply back…..what…..the…..f**k??!~!@$#^$^

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