This shit is real and really crazy

ok. the scenario is you wer eat a party. the last thing you remember was taking a sip of your drink. now you wake up, shained to a bed

(I come into the room and look at you) hello… i see you are awake

im scared.

(I look at you and come over and gently rub your naked leg, and you notice you already have cum inside of you)

im terrified now. i struggle to get loose

(I smack you) don’t bother. you want to know why i kidnapped you?


because i’m gonna make you my slave. you are gonna do exactly as i say. and i’m gonna get you pregnant. (I smile) and you’ll do everythi ni say. or i will kill you

You cant do this.  SOmeone will know, someone will find me, you will get caught.  my father has money.  he  will make your life hell

(I slap you) shut up!  (I get on top of you and hold you down.  i pull out a gun and put it to your head) shut up or i will shoot you

 no no no, im sorry.  please dont. 


I toss teh gun away) now until i need you, you will be locked in here… ok?  (I move the gun out of the room and come back) now i’mgonna unchain you.  i want you on all fours.
please dont do this.  i’ve never done this.  i am a virgin… or i was.  please stop.  anything but that. 

 (I unchain you and pull your hair) GET UP!  (I scream)
ok ok ok, i will get up.  just give me a second.  i cant breathe, i am shaking, i dont know if i can stand.  please dont do this
(I pull you up onto your knees and i shove my thick penis into you and start pounding your pussy)





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