This shit is real and really crazy

Ok, so me and my AWESOME friend Tara work our asses off every day or night depending on her schedule.  We are up to right at 2 hours of working out.  We sweat our balls off, as they say.   Well we some how went from keeping a simple journal with our weights and food and workouts to a damn scrap book. 

This is NOT one of those cutesy scrapbooks… now do not get me wrong, it is cute due to the fact that our fingers touched them.  But it is kinda a blunt we hate ourselves book.  I mean yeah yeah there are good things about me, blah blah blah.  Tara is hot as fuck to begin with.  But anyways this has pics of exercises, our bodies as time goes on.  Lists of things we hate about ourselves.  All that Jazz. 

As for the workouts, they are getting harder and harder each night.  The little half hour that kinda sorta stretched to 45 minutes is long gone.  We do a lot now.  As of last night, we now do 100 crunches.  We do leg lifts with weights on our ankles.  We do situps, which I have to admit I suck and STRUGGLE at and she does them like she has done them every day of her life.  We jog in place, march in place, we do a lot more but some of them we had to make up names for cause we do not have some professional helping us.  We call one, “fuck the ceiling”  We lay on our backs and thrust our pelvis toward the ceiling as hard as we can.  I swear to you, it is harder than you think.  We come up with new ideas almost every time. 

The only thing I do not like is the fact that when I work out, I am physically exhausted and can not dream of anything better than a nice long sleep ZZZZzzzz.  BUT, I can not sleep.  Working out makes my brain alert.  I mean it is better than a redbull.  But my body wants sleep.  What the fuck?  I take my sleeping pills and NOTHING happens.  I literally lay in my bed staring at Jason, the wall, or yelling at the cats for bickering. 

Also, I sleep less.  I mean when I finally get to sleep, I sleep less hours than I used to. 

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