This shit is real and really crazy

Couldn’t find my blades last night.  I freaked the fuck out, as if I was not freaking the fuck out already.  But there is a certain part of my purse where they are and they were not there.  I dumped my whole purse out in a frenzy and it took me too long for my taste to discover that my purse had a hole in it and my little bottle of blades had gotten inside the lining. 

Finding them made me feel so much better.  I might has well have found a hundred dollar bill.  Then I cut.  And I cut.  And I slid it just barely over my wrist, just to visualize what it would be like.  But don’t worry.  I am still alive.  I am not a ghost living in my computer typing out morbid blogs all day.  Nope, I am alive and morbid and blogging. 

Got me a damn good high off of it.  I am either going to have to wear pants for a few weeks or only be around people that wont make me apologize for being who I am.  Yeah, you guessed it, I will be wearing pants.  The line to find acceptance is very very very long and if you don’t have a VIP card, you are still shit out of luck. 

This is who I am and it doesn’t bother me so fuck you if it bothers you.  My body.  My choice.  I do what I want with my body. 

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