This shit is real and really crazy

Once a cheater….


Ya know… I am not gonna lie.  Some guys would get special privileges with me.  Some guys, they have cheated.  Fuck that… pretty sure all guys have cheated.  Pretty sure most people have cheated, I have.  Not like a regular thing like many people.  People I have dated and been friends with, or simply known.  There are various levels of cheating.

When I cheated, he deserved it.  And any cheating that should have happen in the future, yeah that will be deserved…. Assuming I ever let someone treat me like that again.  Well fuck, it is kinda my M.O…. So maybe it is possible I will have more cheating notches on my bed posts.


One reason to cheat would be…


Don’t make your person sleep alone every fucking night of their life.  It’s bullshit.  Cause ya know what, just because you want to, doesn’t mean I do.  You won’t sleep with me, then someone else will.  That’s pretty much how I feel.

Cheating makes people cheat.


Yep… yeah I know.  You all think you never got caught.  You think your other person is completely in the dark.  Maybe a man misses things… but me, a woman, honey I smell her on your stupid fucking ass.  Now, I could throw a fit.  God knows women know that gets your attention.  Or, fuck you buddy, I can cheat right back.  Like I said, cheating causes cheating.

Next reason…. Work.


While we all love it that you have a job, we would like to think that we are more important than that job.  I may not pay you in cash, but honey, I can still fucking fire your ass.  Is whatever the mystery number you make an hour, more important than the fucking golden pussy between my legs?  I think not.  But if you do think so, well then… I can find someone who hasn’t found the riches I offer before.

A 4th reason… Time

do you know what time it is

I’m sorry… when you said you would be here soon… did you some how go to a shittier school than I did?  Soon means LESS than 45 minutes.  Should I buy you a watch?  How about that cell phone, doesn’t it have a clock on it?  Mine does.

What else…?  Let’s see…  How about missing dinner…

disney lady and tramp

And not just missing dinner… cause that’s a big one… But never having dinner at all is just as big.  I grew up watching the meatball scene just like the rest of us… INCLUDING men… yeah fucker, you saw it too.  You knew taking a girl to dinner was important when you were 5 years old.  Don’t fucking lie and act like you don’t know that shit.  BOOM!!! I speak the truth.

Here’s one… the old but classic anniversary…

belated anniversary

Dude… do I really need to elaborate?

And while we are on this topic…. how about similar issues…

belated birthday v day you forgot

You forgot Valentines day?  Yeah… uh huh.  I bet.  I mean there are no stores that sell for the occasion.  Ass-hat.  The entire world turns in to pink and red sparkles… I bet you forgot Christmas too.

How about the reason… because she was sooooo HOT!!! or he was soooo FINE!!

sexy woman sexy man

You know what I got to say to that?


You cheat on someone cause someone else looked good… thats dark shit there babe.  And SOOOoooo OVER DONE!!!  I bet if you are fucking someone else that looks better than your person, the person you’re fucking is fucking you to get back at their person who is better looking than you.

Sorry to disappoint you, not posting a pic of someone who is ugly enough to pay back fuck.  Just saying, hurting someone cause they do not look like a model is shitty and maybe you should look in the mirror cause I bet you are no model yourself.

Shall we continue?


Money…. this is a various of sorts of reasons.  Maybe you fucked around cause your better half doesn’t have a lot of money… greener pastures and all that crap=olah.  Or maybe you do not have any and bills piling up cause a severe need in relief from some source that doesn’t remind you of that shit.  Maybe you need a little somethin somethin on the side and so you decide to pay for it.  I am sure there are a million other scenarios.

Sex + money = hand and hand.

Sex + money + problems = MORE problems


lies and more lies lies

Lying will make the most faithful person cheat.  And honey if you lie all the time, you deserve it.

But the biggest reason for me to cheat, which is the one and only reason I have ever cheated is this….

fb status ignoring neglect

People cheat.  Some people cheat constantly.  Some cheat well and never get caught.  Some cheat out of boredom or whatever fucking reason people have.  But me, if I am gonna cheat, it will not be suddenly.  It will not be without any warning.  It will not be without many many complaints, and texts, and angry rants, and some sad pathetic begging.  I am a nice girl, a crazy girl with a higher sex drive than most men on this planet.  But I am a very nice and loyal to a painful point girl raised by a wonderful woman who got cheated on thousands of times.  So I do not take cheating lightly, but if and when I do, I promise you, you will have deserved it by the time I do.  And I will not continue it behind your back either.  I will end it because you deserve that much…. probably.  Even if you don’t, I was raised better than that shit.  But everyone has a breaking point, even me.

Sad truth is, you probably cheated on me first by that point.

10 comments on “Once a cheater….

  1. ɴʏɢma .
    October 25, 2015

    Whoa. That’s a lot of details.
    I haven’t been with a girl so obviously I can’t comment much. But boy, that’s a lot to consider if someone plans to hook up / cheat. 😐 #justSaying

    • nosleepandcrazy
      October 25, 2015

      There are millions of reasons to cheat. I cheated and only once. But I have been cheating on a lot. In my case, I would be here right now saying I have never cheated if not for being completely neglecgted for 6 months straight. no one in a relationship wants to go six months straight without even a proper kiss, never mind sex. and i have gone that long with more than one person, more than once.

      • ɴʏɢma .
        October 25, 2015

        6 months. That’s crazy.
        I guess you should find someone who treats you well and is there for you, I mean if someone wants a relationship. Correct me if I’m wrong.

        Guess what it feels like to have never kissed anyone nevermind sex. On second thought don’t. It’s excrutiating. 😣

      • nosleepandcrazy
        October 25, 2015

        i was 22 before i had my first kiss, and 23 before i had sex the first time. let my insecurities run my life. and this was someone from my past. a few years ago now. just felt like writing about it

      • ɴʏɢma .
        October 25, 2015

        Add another year. And nothing yet. 🙊

        Well, writing is a good thing. Keep ’em coming.

      • nosleepandcrazy
        October 25, 2015

        get on dating sites, fetlife, okcupid, plentyoffish, and louisvillemojo are all free.

      • ɴʏɢma .
        October 25, 2015

        Yeah. I did.
        It just goes one way. 😐

      • nosleepandcrazy
        October 25, 2015


      • nosleepandcrazy
        October 25, 2015

        lol no kik is an IM… i was asking if you had it so we could talk if you wanted. its not a dating site. just a way to text without giving up
        your actual number

  2. T
    October 26, 2015

    That’s whats up!!

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