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Ya know how I said I didn’t wanna have sex tonight…

After a night of waiting for him…. again…. She was done waiting.  She was done waiting for him all together.  Her mind was made and it took moments typing in her password on  But it was quite late and her usual conversation pieces were not online.  But she didn’t waste time.  Five minutes and she was putting on the new panties from Victoria’s Secret.  A few more things to check and then she locked the door behind her.

As she drove to his place, Ryan’s place, she repeated in her mind that she had told him no sex.  But she knew.  She knew her usual honest self only said that to see if he would work harder for it.  And she knew… she knew that he would.

She knew that even though she was driving to his house in the early AM, he would say what he had to.  He would say pretty much anything to change her mind… not knowing her mind was already set to take him down.  Take him in, deep and hard.  She was aroused just thinking about it.  And before she knew it, the GPS had annouced, “You have reached your destination”.

She could only think of a few other moments she had to say almost out loud, “Slow down, slow down and breathe.”  She took a deep breath while completely stopping in her tracks.  She took in the cool crisp air.  Slowed her breathing and walked up to the door and knocked.  He was so quick to answer, she wished she could have seen if he had been pacing, or maybe just standing and checking the peep hole.

He had promised her something to eat, and he innocently provided a peanut butter and jelly sandwich which he cut in half and put on a plate.  Her strict upbringing told her to finish the sandwich slowly, bite by bite before making 100% sure that no crumb was left on her lips.  She drank a sip of water from the cup he had offered with the plate.  She reached for a paper towel to wipe her mouth, but before she could, he walked over a sudden aggression and stopped just before making contact.  He reached up to her mouth, she almost flinched.  He used his thumb to wipe away the light trace of water on her upper lip, then followed by reaching with his other hand, grasping on each side of her head, cradling her face.

“Ya know how I said I didn’t wanna have sex tonight…. I changed my mind.”  That was all it took, the slow gentle pace they had been following step by step was now a collision.  Their bodies collided as their mouths met hard.  They kissed so hard it almost hurt.  Their tongues wrapping around each others.  Clothes were suddenly no more than censor and restriction.  They had to come off.  He fumbled once before she shoved him back to reach around and do it herself.

No time for fumbling.  He’d probably rip something at this rate anyways and she liked the thin black lace resting tightly around her breasts.  She knew others would want to enjoy her little bra and pantie set so she removed them quickly.  No bother turning it in to some slow sexy strip, he hadn’t earned such efforts.  She was completely naked by the time he had his pants wrapped around his ankles and he almost tripped when she rushed against him again.

She grabbed his shoulders and pulled him, guiding him quickly to his knees and then on to her.  No making love tonight.  No foreplay.  Tonight was a means to make the feeling of rejection melt away.  And this moment was absolutely not time for fumbling.  She reached down and grabbed hold and put him inside her.

She dug her nails in his back to force him to thrust in quick and hard.  He knew now.  He knew what she wanted and he obliged.  The faster he thrusted, the more she begged for it to be harder and faster.  She wanted pain.  She wanted to feel something.  Something other than what her lover had left her with for weeks.  She wanted to hurt and she wanted it to be done already.  Her carnal needs were met.  That feeling of rejection was pushed out every time he pushed in.  Then she saw the end in his eyes.

As panic filled his eyes, in their haste no discussion had taken place where to cum.  She saw it consume him and she grabbed ahold of his back tight, wrapped both legs around him so tight he couldnt pull out and he came hard.  She felt his legs jerk and he was limp.

He fell in to her, his body searching for support and comfort.  That is not what she offered.  She pushed him off so suddenly he dropped on the floor hard.   The thud of his body, heavy and limp like his cock sickened her.  She didn’t plan it, but in an instant she was up, pulling her Victoria’s Secrets back on as neatly as before.  Running her fingers through her short hair, making all evidence disappear.  She thanked him for the sandwich, reached for her purse and started walking for the door, never even looking back to see his reaction to her fast evasion.

As she walked away from his door, she breathed in the crisp air, still dark out, just a hint of light in the distance.  A grin crept over her, bringing with it the feeling of utter satisfaction and accomplishment.

“No one fucks over Bree.  You don’t want me, then trust me, someone else will.”

She waited for some sense of guilt but there was nothing.  Before she knew it, she was home, in her yoga pants, watching “White Chicks” on netflix, checking her profiles to see if anyone was awake and wanted to chat.  Moments later, Ryan texted.  She giggled, but never replied again.

2 comments on “Ya know how I said I didn’t wanna have sex tonight…

  1. Ryan Hogan
    August 9, 2016

    That was a good night for sure

  2. Ryan Hogan
    August 9, 2016

    That sure was a good night.

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