This shit is real and really crazy

To finger an asshole, or not…. That is the question….


Ok, so let’s talk about the asshole… woooo scary… NOT!!  Some of you are scared of that little tight hole, and some of you are not, and some of you… well let’s face it, your little brown hole isn’t so tight anymore.  A very long time ago, I wrote a piece on never wanting anal sex.  I had two women with different views on it.  One was pro, and one was not so pro and only did it to make her husband happy.  So who was I to believe?  I had to find out, but I was not seeing anyone who wanted sex period, never mind anal sex.  So, what was I to do?  Why not grab the old dildo….


NOT a good idea.  See… an asshole needs to be prepared.  Lubed, stretched.  I went from never having anything in my ass to having an average size dildo.  The pain was insanely intense.  The worst part is, you immediately clench when you feel that pain which is the worst possible thing you can do.  I pushed it in with not enough lube, cheap lube, and too fast.  Then I clenched.  It was unbearable and I still had to get it out.  In a matter of moments my brain raced, thoughts bounced violently back and forth and sideways with the utter fear consuming me… I had to pull it back out and I had to do it fast or I was gonna start crying from the pain.  I finally got it out.  It probably only lasted a couple of minutes but it felt like forever.  I had been so super horny, but once I got it out, I laid there on my bed, pulled a sheet over me, and just silently whimpered.

exit only

For those of you who would like to start exploring this during your alone time, but never have, let me show you what you should get…


See that?  See how it is slender and smooth?  Yeah… good place to start.  Slides in easy, and most importantly,  slides out easy as well.  Now they have all different thicknesses.  Start with a thin one.  Like a little thicker or about the size of your thumb.  And do NOT get cheap lube.  Something oil based might be good.  You do not want something sticky.  You want it to slide in with ease.  And do not go deep, massage with the tip, and then slide bit by bit in and out, little more until you get as much as you want.  I mean you are alone, take your time.  If you do it that way, you quite possibly will like it.

I know a lot of women think women do not really like it, that they only do it to make their men happy.  Not true.  I do it when I am alone.  Nipple clamps too.  I enjoy anal play.  I am a kinky girl, what can I say?  If you take your time, and work up to it, you can enjoy it.  Your body stretches with practice and adapts.

But it rips easily so do not let someone be aggressive about it in the beginning.  I require permission every time I have anal sex.  I make it very clear to my partner, and now boyfriend that he has to ask first.  Every time.  No matter what.  And really expensive lube.  He has cheap shit, so when that is going to happen, I bring mine.  I really need to get him to go to a porn store with me and buy my brand.  Cause that has not been a part of our sex life for about a year, but I am wanting to spice things up,and he is too, we talked today.  We want to start exploring more with each other.  But, let me recommend something before anal sex…



I suggest using lube for that as well.  Hello all you guys out there… spit is NOT lube.  Not even close.  Now a finger can be so much fun.  Little booty massage.  And a finger is a best way of starting the process leading to anal sex every time.  See, a little prep work goes a long way.  I like a guy to finger my ass, work his finger in and out, stretching me.  Then when the moment progresses to anal sex, your body is ready.  Good chance, not only will anal sex not hurt, but it will actually feel good.  I honestly enjoy it.

anal sex

See, she totally likes it lol.  And it really is a level of kink that tons of women will not do, so you will be doing something for your guy that is possibly a rare treat.  And I recommend rare treats for both sexes.  Rather you get her roses, or panties…. I really like it when a guy buys me panties…. or you do something sexually that the other is surprised you will do, it is all good.  Now I am not saying do shit you hate.  I am just saying you might like it, if you do it right.

anali love anal sex

Hell, I have fingered a guys ass while I gave him head.  He asked for it.  We never talked about it before, it was a sudden and unexpected request.  I was really nervous and still find it kinda nerve wrecking.  Cause since we never talked about it, I had no idea what to do.  How deep do I go, do I swerve my finger, do I …. yeah.  That probably is owed some verbal attention before doing it again.  See, I do not want to hurt a guy… I am submissive in bed sorta… so I do not want to hurt the other person.  I want the pain… but I do NOT want pain inside.  So it scared me… scares me.  So I thought I would write about it, see if anyone comments, has any advice.  I ALWAYS appreciate feedback.

blow job

But anyways, back to topic, when I am blowing a guy and he asks me to finger his asshole, not gonna lie.  Makes my blood rush.  Makes it exciting and new.  And I want him satisfied in every way I can make happen so…

fear the finger

Now… let us talk about the one hardly anyone talks about…. shhh…. I have had it licked.

rim job

Yeah… I liked it.  No lies found in this blog.  I liked it.  I am super shy about it.  Like insanely shy, but one guy I have been with enjoyed it.  He wanted to, and he did that whole, “Do you trust me?” shit and I melt when a guy does that.  I will however say I have never done it to anyone.  I think this is a fail on my part.  I need to get over it.  And try it.  I want to try it in the shower the first time, but that always seems to be a deal breaker.  So I just do not do it.  I mean come on… I am willing to try something new, step outside my comfort zone and see what it’s like.  But I want to try it in the shower.  Just the first time.  Chances are, I will be happy to do it other times outside the bedroom later.  Just have to meet me half way the first time.

Now, I will leave you with one last thought… My boyfriend better fuck me soon cause all this ass talk has me horny.

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