This shit is real and really crazy

I want my fingers to memorize your body like a blind reads braille…


“Saw your page and I want to get to know you better.”

That was the first message he sent.  Without even trying, he passed a few of her tests.  He spelled everything right, and it was a complete sentence.  He smiled in his pic too which she had taken note of the rarity over her six months being single.  Jenny had been in a long relationship until six months ago.  A marriage that went bad for two years before she called it quits.  She fought hard for two years, but he wasn’t fighting for her anymore, he was only fighting with her.  He spent his free time at a bar with his friends, leaving her alone most of the time.  So a relationship was NOT what her mind was on.  Sex, for the first time in her life, would be leading the way.  She had been with him for several years, and was ready to enjoy her freedom.  The only positive thing left standing after her marriage ended, was her appetite for new experiences.

He had barely touched her for longer than she cared to admit to herself.  But in the beginning, there was passion.  And they did explore outside what she was learning was called vanilla.  The honey moon phase brought exciting new challenges in the bedroom.  But years of boring missionary sex where she had to use her vibrator afterwards had left a sour taste in her mouth for boring sex.  For vanilla sex.  That’s what they called it on  She had had a vanilla sex life for years now.  She wished secretly she hated vanilla ice cream instead of it being her favorite.  But she thought, maybe some how using vanilla ice cream during foreplay might redeem the word as she giggled silently.

She knew it was snobby of her to refuse to chat with people who didn’t spell words out.  But intelligence was a turn on for her, and so was effort.  No one had been making effort in her life except her for a very long time.  It was gonna take some effort to get her attention.  Character too.  While she did not want to marry someone any time soon, she knew she deserved the attention she was demanding for her time.  She knew if they wanted a taste of her, they would buy her dinner first.  And she would eagerly reward them for such efforts.

“Saw your page I want to get to know you better”

She could only think of one thing to say back, “Oh really?  Just how well do you wanna know me?”

She stared at her screen.  Would he write back?  Would he surprise her once more?  She hoped he wouldn’t let her down.  But she didn’t have to wait long.  He was so fast, maybe he was waiting for her reply too, she thought.

“I wanna know you.  I wanna know your mind, but I want to know your body too.  I want to study it with the tips of my fingers, memorizing each curve, every scar, every ticklish spot.  I want my fingers to memorize you, like the blind reading braille.  I want to know what makes you weep so I never do it.  I want to know the deepest parts of your mind, and I want to go even deeper inside you.  Just by reading the few things you wrote about yourself, I know one thing for sure.  Most of all I want to show you, you deserve to be fucked.  Often.  And I am going to show you, and even teach you that there are dozens of ways to fuck,  But first, I want to buy you dinner.  Have you eaten yet?”

Before she clicked on the new message that he had just written, she had a feeling of excitement.  That message did not let her down.  In fact she was stunned for a moment.  But she snapped herself out of it.  She did not want him to know how much of an affect that message had on her.  She wanted him now.  And she felt wanted by him.  And that made her want him even more.  She knew she was quickly losing all the power of whatever relationship would come from this, but she didn’t care.  She longed to give him all of herself.  But…

“Well kind sir, how would you feel about giving me your name before I agree to dinner?”

“My name is Malik.  Does this mean I will have the pleasure of dining with you, now that you have my name?”

“Yes.  I would love to have dinner with you.  Where?”

“Ladies choice.”

That made her pause.  She had to think.  She really wanted to go somewhere nice.  But she didn’t want to suggest something that would make her seem like his money was on her mind.  But he did say it was her choice.


She hit send and a slight panic filled her from head to toe.  But she didn’t have to worry long, because his response was immediate.  Her fingers touched the keyboard, scrolling the mouse up to the new message.  She opened it.  She couldn’t wait, she couldn’t suffer any longer.

“Would an hour give you enough time to get ready and be there?  Or do you need more time?”

“I will be there.  I will wait just inside the door, so I keep warm, but I can easily be found.”

“Oh honey, wait there please if you wish.  But I promise you, you are not someone I would ever miss and walk past.  I am hopping off here now.  I will see you at seven.  I  can’t wait.”

As if his message wasn’t delicious enough, he couldn’t wait.  Her, she thought.  He couldn’t wait to see her.She took a deep slow breath, as if she breathed in that sentence.  Then she stood up and walked to her closet grateful she had already taken a shower.  It took no time.  A dress.  She had several, never worn before.  Never had a purpose before.  And now these dresses which had been too fancy for familiar fast food were going to come off plain.  No.  She erased that thought from her head and grabbed the blue dress with white trim.  Found a tiny purse to put her ID in and slipped on her shoes and was out the door.  She knew she would be there early, but she couldn’t wait in that apartment a second more.

As she approached the door, someone held the door.  She watched her step, being careful not to trip.  But a hand across her back, the other reaching for her hand was unexpected and startled her.  It was Malik.  He was already there waiting.  She took pleasure in the thought that he was possibly as excited about meeting as she was, reaching their destination even earlier than her.

She waited for him to speak.  To her, or to the hostess.  But the hostess seemed to be waiting on him, ready.  With a simple nod of his head, they never slowed down before reaching their seats.  He pulled her seat out, and then seated himself.  She liked that.  Took away that awkward adjustment moment when a guy pushes the chair under you for you.

At first she assumed the other seats at the grill were soon to be filled.  But before she knew it, she was very aware that their grill was the only one not fully seated.  That could not have been an accident, she thought.  And those seats remained empty through out their dinner.  During which, he never seemed to lose interest in a single word she said.  And he talked just as much.  It was easy and comfortable and he used a few opportunities to lightly touch her.  Every time his skin met hers, her blood rushed through her veins.  His voice was deep and strong, his build was thick and broad.  His hands were strong looking, and when he held her hand, he didn’t have sweaty palms.  He was calm and collected and attentive.  At the same time, she felt like she was his to display, proud to have her next to him, she also felt like the world melted away.  She was instructed to order anything she wanted.  But she chose to take leftovers home.  She knew as soon as he led her in, soon as she breathed in his scent, she wanted him.  But that deep voice and casual touches made her want him so bad she fantasized about taking him right there.  Before she knew it, dinner was over.  Leftovers boxed up to keep her from getting too full to enjoy the rest of the night were put in little white boxes and he stood up and reached for her hand.

Her white skin next to his dark skin looked so beautiful together in her mind.  He led her to the door, held it open without ever letting go of the gentle grip he had one her small hand.  As they reached the end of the walk way, he said, “May I walk you to your car?” And she led him there feeling light on her feet, she had to remind herself to walk slower.  If only to saver each step a little longer.

“This is my car.  She’s not fancy, but she’s cute.  Kinda like me.” and a little giggle left her breath.

“Your car is cute, but you my dear are very fancy.  By any chance would you like to follow me to my house for a drink?”

As her mind dwelled over being called fancy, she thought this was her chance.  Would she be brave?  Yes.

“I would love to follow you to your house, but I’m not thirsty.  Do you have any more options to keep me occupied?”

He was very clearly shocked by her boldness.  But he loved it.  A wicked grin crept on to his mouth.

“Yes my lady, I do think there are lots of things to do other than drink.  My car is the red ford taurus over there, with the sticker in the back window.  See there, he has a weapon in his hand.”

“Well I guess you better go get in your car and stop making me wait.”

Shocked once again, he stumbled just a little as he walked away without being able to say another word.  As sexy as he was, and experienced, she was sure of that, he was still shockable.  And she loved it.  She loved feeling like she was exciting to someone so calm and collected.

Her mind was racing and blank at the same time as she followed him.  He lived very close as it turned out.  In a nice house.  She took just enough time longer than him to park that he was at her door to open it.  Once again his left hand gently pressed against her lower back and he led her to the back of the house.  He had a very nice walk out basement.  Before she knew it, they were inside and he shut the door behind them.  She wanted to waste no time at all.

“Kiss me.  Please.”

He did not make her wait.  He put one hand on her lower back and pulled her in to his body while the other found the back of her neck under her hair.  In an instant, he had his hands on her just firm enough to give away her control.  Her blood was suddenly on fire.  He pulled her face in to him and kissed her.  He kissed her for a few minutes, gripping tighter on the back of her neck now and then.  She was so happy and flooded with life.  She felt more alive in this strangers house than she had in years.  He could be dangerous.  How stupid of her to go to his house like that, to make it clear she wanted him.  She didn’t care.  Stupid as it was, it was the smartest decision she had made in years and the only thing difficult now would be to keep her legs straight,  Because he made her legs weak.  She melted in to his body.  She kissed him back feverishly.  Before she knew it, she had become slightly vocal, letting out little quiet soft moans.  She felt him get hard against her.

He took his hand off her back, ran the tips of his fingers down to the bottom of her dress, and cautiously ran his hand back up, only this time, under the dress.  And then he suddenly stopped kissing her, pulled away and looked at her.

“I thought they would just slow you down, so I didn’t wear any.  Hope that’s ok.”

He kissed her suddenly and harder and then began working his way down her neck.  His lips began to pillage every inch of bare skin.  He was aggressive and fast and he was all over her.   He grabbed her tightly and began driving her toward the other room.  It was his bedroom.  A big beautiful wooden framed bed awaited.  He probably would have pushed her on to the bed, but she was climbing on top of it before he had the chance.  She placed herself so elegantly with her arms above her head so he would undress her.  The only thing remaining was a black lace bra, see through.  He clutched her arms and rolled her over.

He grabbed the back of her hair with his fist, and leaned in fast and bit down on the back of her neck.  She once again lost control over her silence.  A louder sudden crying out in pleasure made him release his teeth from her neck.

“No… please don’t stop.”

He began to pull her head back and kissed her, then pushed her head down in to the mattress.  then he took the tip of his tongue and ran it from the top of her neck, down, down, down to her lower back.  Then he began to kiss and nibble his way back up her back.  He then showed off his talent and used his teeth to undo her bra.  He kissed and nibbled the newly exposed skin and then said, “Would you like to roll back over now?”

The word yes came out of her mouth as a loud breath and she rolled over seductively.  She laid there on her back, one leg straight down, one leg bent slightly at the knees, and she began to sway her knee left to right.  He enjoyed such an enticing sight and then used his hands to spread her knees open more.  He felt her shake.  He could tell she was shy about this, but he looked at her and said, “Do you trust me?”  And she nodded her head.  He wrapped his arms around her thighs and pulled her body toward him.  He used the tips of his fingers to barely hint at a touch, teasing her.  Then he kissed her knees, one at a time.  Then he gently, slowly spread her knees apart and leaned in to taste her.

She noticed immediately that his skill outdid anyone she had ever had before.  There was no evidence that this was his first time to have her.  His tongue danced around her wet lips and before plunging in.  She had never known pleasure like this.  This was going to change her.  If she craved sex before, now she would never want to stop.  He went down on her until she came.  But he still didn’t stop.  He kept going.  He made her cum again and again and wouldnt stop until she begged him to.  Her legs quivered hard enough he could see it.  Then he told her to scoot back and so she did.

He climbed on to the bed with her now after undressing himself.  He would ask or even allow her to touch him.  He was intent on satisfying her and that in itself was going to lead to his satisfaction.  But she suddenly stopped him.  Clamped her legs together.  He crouched over her, confused.

“Is something wrong?”

“Tell me how bad you want me.”

“Oh I want you very badly.  Is that what you want?”

“Tell me again.  Tell me how bad.  Tell me you have to have it.  Make me feel how much you need it.”

Slightly frustrated, but catching on he said, “Baby I want you so bad right now, I will die without it.  I must have you.  Please, I beg you, let me inside you.”

She opened her legs and said, “I want you inside me.  Fuck me now.”

As soon as he entered her, he felt how tightly her warm body gripped on to his.  And as he thrusted inside her, she let  out a sudden gasp and then a moan.  He started off slow but she grabbed on to him, pulling him in to her so he began to thrust faster and harder.  He leaned up to grasp on to her ankles, lifting them on to his shoulders.  He grabbed the head of his bed for leverage and he thrusted until he could not hold back and he looked at her with a questioning face.

“Cum inside me baby.  Fill me up.  Do it now.  Cum for me please.”

As he came he moaned out loudly.  This gave her great satisfaction, hearing him cum.  After he came, he still gently thrusted until he was completely limp.  He let his body slowly collapse next to hers.  He laid on his back and Jenny laid her head on his chest as he wrapped his arm around her.  The soft glow of his bed side lamp lit her up.  Her white skin glowed almost and he seemed to darken in her shadow.  She ran her finger tips across his skin, almost a waltz across his chest.  Her entire body tired and tingling.  Not one part of her body had not felt what just happened.  Her body was alive for the first time.  Her mind was alert and heavy at the same time.  Her hand relaxed on his chest and he took her hand in his.

“Now there is just one thing you need to do now.”

She giggled and said, “Yes I know.  You need to decide what you want me to cook for you when you come over to my place tomorrow.”

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