This shit is real and really crazy

Losing my mojo….

Ok… not sure where to begin other than, if you are still reading my shit…. thanks cause I know I have been gone for a while…. and by while, I mean like seven months.  I was in a miserable state of mind for a while and I just could not get my head on right.  But I moved and I got all happy, my relationship….. oh yeah I am in a relationship now.  Like legit bf/gf shit goin on, yo.  We just passed our six month mark last month.  The fifteenth will be seven for us.

And I know what you are thinking…. dude must be a douche if she hasn’t written about their sex life.  Nope.  On the contrary, it is the opposite.  My babes isn’t a douche at all.  He sure aint perfect.  We have had some big struggles along the way.  But we hang strong through it all.  And while this piece is not a sex piece, be patient, for it shall come.

Losing my mojo…. as in my writing mojo.  I just have not had it for months.  Yeah, I know… I did the short piece on my uncle… but that was for my oldest friend that I had lost touch with.  I was hoping he would read this, and even though we were not in touch, I wanted him to know.  Well… surprise surprise he already stopped reading my blog long before so oh well.  The uncle thing was true and I lost him a couple of months ago.

I also had surgery a few months ago.  Just girly shit.  But I am good now.  I think anyways.  Some shit came up on the results.  I have yet to research it.  And to be honest, I think maybe my Dr is failing in that department because she told me that one thing showed up on the tests, that it was not cancer and to not worry.  Said she would look in to it because she didn’t know anything about it.  Now you know me, your home girl here was deprived of sleep when I saw her so I in the moment accepted that she had not heard of it.  But hey… months later and she never seemed to bother to look in to it and get back to me so here I come world of research and internet.  Just not right now, cause right now….

I am watching a new show.  Well, new to me.  Me and my bestie Joel are diving in to a marathon of the showtime show, Roadies.  Seeing as how I desire to rape Ron White…. I am sold.  Hoping he is a regular.  No no… I will not look it up and give myself a spoiler and see if he is on more than the first ep.  Jeez people.  You know I hate the spoilers.  Chill, yo.I don’t read the last page of a book either.  Hey…. does anyone who reads my blog skip to the end to see how it ends?  Do people do that with blogs or is it just books and movies?

Oh… and I got a new phone.  Loving Cricket.  I actually get signal now.  Tmobile just let me down more than it didn’t.

Oh….  Next piece will be on my diet.  Remember how I used to care about my weight and then lost all care for who and what I was?  Well, hugs and kisses bitches!  I found Atkins

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