This shit is real and really crazy

My cat isn’t dying… But it was gross…

Ok… so life lately… well In the midst of recovering from surgery, and my uncle being sick and then my uncle dying and relationship stuff and oldest friend stuff and just sooooo much stuff…. I have this cat.  His name is Exile.  I didn’t name him.  Anyways, so a month ago he developed a lump.  And by lump I mean some mass the size of a golf ball, if not bigger.

Now I know what you are thinking…. take his ass to the vet.  I know, I know.  Money was tight and my uncle died and so it got delayed.  Not saying I was not gonna do it.  I am just saying it got delayed briefly.  I was damn worried.  My furry babies are my life.  But then a few days before I was taking him to the new vet I go to…. the gross happened.

I am laying in bed, surrounded by the furry things.  I am watching tv, trying to focus and I keep hear smacking sounds…. slurping sounds.  My mind is stuck on the tv, but it is there in the back ground and I can not just ignore it.  Finally it takes over my attention and I look down to see that Exile had had some psycho cujo moment or some shit and he has chewed through the side of the mass and now ooze is coming out and the slurping… You guessed it.  He is drinking it up.

This lasted for about two hours.  Two hours straight of oozing and draining and slurping.  I could not get him to stop.  So what did I do?  Well I covered my fingers and I helped him along.  I squeezed it and got all that nasty shit out.  Two hours later he was nice and flat again.  No more mass on his side.  But….  Exile does not seem to want to move on.

So to put your minds to ease, I will get to the point.  He now has a cone or funnel on his head.  He was licking endlessly and obsessively and the hole got bigger and bigger.  So until it completely heals he shall remain in the cone.  He looks like a little grey furry satellite dish.  And hey, I do have all the movie channels now so…. maybe I should get him some cat nip.


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