This shit is real and really crazy

Is the sexy secretary thing over done….

“Please hold all my calls for the next hour, Mrs. Hall” he said as he smoothly walked through the main section of the floor.  As he passed her desk, she answer, “Yes Mr. Brisco.”  The anticipation began its’ usual build as he got closer to his destination.

“Ms. Sanders, can you spare the time to take down some dictation for me?”

“Of course, Mr. Brisco.  Happy to help.”

And with that, he was closing the door to her private office and locking it behind him.  Whatever excuse he had to come to her office, she would be happy to accept.  She had been working for Mr. Brisco for around 8 months and casual banter between them had developed in to light cautious flirting.  It wasn’t until recently that things had progressed to a less formal relationship.

Ms. Sanders had moved across states for this job.  And for an escape of the life she left behind.  No family to speak of, and a repeat of less than satisfactory relationships had led her to the decision to make a fresh start and leave it all behind.  Her move to this bigger city allowed for more open-mindedness and she was very happy to have done so.  Her only regret being that it took her so long to come to it.

What she brought with her was what she could fit in her old car.  Everything else she knew could be replaced.  And that old car is how her and Mr. Brisco got to know each other when it broke down.  Normally, she would never have bothered to tell her boss about her problems, but a sudden lack of car meant a lack of his coffee one morning so she felt she had to be honest and explain the situation.

He was unusually understanding in her opinion and it allowed their start to a bit of a friendship and banter.  She quickly had her car fixed and coffee was never late again.  No matter how their relationship had changed, she enjoyed the professional aspect  of it.  She wasn’t looking for a husband out of him.  She wasn’t looking to fuck her way up to a higher position.  She liked her job, working for him.  He found this very refreshing.  She was different than others in his past.  And he loved trying something new as often as possible.  This, he thought to himself was probably why the anticipation grew each time he made the trip from his office to hers.  This was also new to him.  And she did not ever make him regret any feelings he had.  She gave him a safe place to be himself.  She gave him release.  And in return, he gave her so much more.

Her less than desirable childhood and adulthood had led her to be obsessed with being on top of things.  Paying every bill early.  Eating just right.  Exercise every day.  Getting every assignment done before it was due.  Perfectly clean house.  And when it came to sex, it’s not that the past was boring to her at the time.  It was all she knew.  When she dated someone, she made herself available when they desired her.  And she took some satisfaction in never refusing them.  Being a good girlfriend was also something she took pride in.  Making them dinner, etc.  But she was never fully satisfied with any of it, although she had no reason to assume something better existed.  She had no reason to think that things she read about, or saw in movies would be as much of a necessity to her one day, as breathing was.

The build up for each of them to crossing the professional line was agonizing. But neither of them assumed it had any affect on the other.  They danced around the idea of getting to know each other on a more personal level for months.  Wanting each other more and more with each passing day.  For him, there was always a fear of something causing drama in the office if it were to turn south.  He never mixed pleasure with his business.  His company was all he was.  It was what he had and who he was.  He never let anyone come close to putting any of it at risk.  But she was different.  She was more.  She was worth the risk.  Even if he couldn’t figure out why.

For her, she knew he couldn’t legally fire her if something they did came to a bad ending.  But she also knew that working for someone who she dated and then broke up with would be as miserable for her as it would for him and no law could take that away.  Being able to pay rent would not take away a sudden hate for going to work every day.  So they both kept feelings and thoughts of crossing that line to themselves.  For months, they  never said a word to each other, or anyone else for that matter.

As she heard the click of the door locking, her entire body felt a heat, a current running through it fast.  She felt the blood rush to her cheeks as soon as he was at her door way suddenly.  Her very self, suddenly alive.

“You aren’t too busy for me today, Ms. Sanders, now are you?” he said as he twisted the blinds to a close.

“No, sir Mr. Brisco.  You’re the boss.  I aim to please, sir.  Now, what can I do for you today?”

“You say you aim to please, but your blouse displeases me.  What do you say to that?”

“My utmost apologies Mr. Brisco.  Shall I take it off slowly, one button at a time?  Or shall I take it off fast so you no longer have to see it?”

The wicked grin that slipped his control over his expression did not go unnoticed.  “I think you know the answer to that question, Ms. Sanders.”

The slow methodical way she unbutton each and every single button made him need to take a seat.  By the time she reached the bottom button, and then and only then, opened the blouse revealing what she had on underneath, as she took it off, he was gripping on to the arms of the chair.

The surprise corset underneath made him swallow hard.  He knew she wore it just for him.  He knew she had no  idea if he would visit her office today.  He wondered what she had worn underneath her clothes the first three days of the week that he had missed out on.  It was a beautiful green, lined in black lace.

“Does this please you, sir?  Or shall I take this off too?”

“Oh Ms. Sanders, it pleases me very much.  But I think I should be the one to take it off of you.”

“I agree.  But may I make one small request, Mr. Brisco?”

“You are free to suggest anything you like Ms. Sanders.  I am eager to learn from you.  As always, I want to know what swims around in that pretty head of yours.”

She stood to her feet suddenly.  She opened a drawer and removed a black paddle with little velvet hearts cut out of it.  She handed it to him and then bent over her desk before asking him to teach her a lesson for distressing him with such an ugly blouse.  And this pleased him.  And of course he happily obliged.

He suddenly realized as he stood and took his place behind her, that she had worn that blouse on purpose.  He realized she had more control over this situation that it would appear from the outside.  Her little devious plan had worked out just how she hoped.  And he could think of nothing more than how badly he wanted to teach her the lesson she had longed for.

As each spanking made her tight ass redder, he felt the release wash over him.  Tension from work and life melted away for a moment.  After each hit, he would take his other hand and rub each mark with tender care, then follow it with another.  When he felt satisfied, he rubbed her very red ass one more time.  Then he slid his finger inside her black panties and she was even wetter than he expected.

“You know Lindsey, there are moments I wonder who enjoys your punishments more, me or you.  I want you to sell these dirty little panties.  And I want you to use the money to treat yourself to something nice.  Indulge yourself with something you wouldn’t normally allow yourself to have.  Maybe dessert.  Maybe dessert after dinner with me next week.  How would you like that Ms. Sanders?”

“How about we have dinner at my place, and I eat dessert off of you?  Might make me want to eat it more.”

This time he did not hide his smile.  He was delighted with the vision she gave him.  “How about we have dinner out, and then we have drinks and dessert at your place?  Other  wise I will have wasted my time and effort picking out the dress tucked away in your bottom drawer just there” as he pointed to her file cabinet.  “And i would like to point out that this dress would only be insulted by any panties worn with it.  So please don’t wear any that night.  The only thing I want touching your body that night is this dress and some heels.  Can you manage that Ms. Sanders”

She almost stumbled from pure excitement as all her calm left and she leaped up and ran to the drawer and pulled out a box with a ribbon around it.  The dress was exquisite. Tiny beads hand sewn on, split up high up the right thigh.  She held it up to her and cherished it for a moment before returning to the moment.  Gently placed it back in the box and walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him with a passion he had never had before.  Her kiss kept him there for a moment.  They lost themselves in the kiss.

He lifted his hands to her shoulders and pushed her away from him.  It took more will and strength than he expected, almost as if her very essence was entwined in his.  He took a breath to regain composure.  The time was here.  His wanting her could not go without satisfaction any longer.  Before he could make another move, she whispered, “I want you inside me.  I want you to fuck me so hard I feel you tomorrow.”

He of course obliged her needs.  He didn’t hesitate for a second.  He began unbuttoning each clip of the corset.  It felt like it took forever, but finally it was off and her beautiful breasts were finally his to see and touch and bite.  He was on her then suddenly.  He had her panties on the floor at an even faster speed.  He pushed her against the wall hard and she felt the sting against her back and shoulders as he entered her equally fast and hard.

As he thrusted in and out of her she ran her fingers feverishly through his hair.  He grabbed hers to pull her mouth to his and they kissed as they fucked harder.  Then a change of power once again…

She pushed him off of her and pushed him on to the chair and climbed on top of him and she fucked him with equal powerful thrusts.  Each of them panting with exhaustion as their bodies worked to quench their appetites.  As she thrusted up and down on him she leaned back and arched her back in ecstasy.  He leaned in to her and ran the edges of his teeth against her neck before making his way to and biting down on her nipple bringing a searing pain and equal pleasure to her entire body.  She gasped.  She came.  But she didn’t stop.  She kept going until he came hard and long.

As both of their bodies found themselves limp, they tried to catch their breath.  Once she had the strength, she climbed off of him, got on her knees and used her mouth to clean him.  She licked all of their juices off of him.  Tied his tie, straightened his hair and made sure all evidence of the last hour were gone without a trace.  She picked up her panties and sealed them in a bag to keep them fresh for whomever would buy them in the next few days.  She pulled a bra and panties out of her purse and then dressed.  Used the mirror on the wall to fix herself up.  Making all evidence on her person fade away.  He watched her perfect herself.

Feelings for her had grown even more some how in the last hour.  Every detail about herself she gave attention further impressed him. “Would you like one more kiss before I put my lipstick on”  And he grabbed her hand and pulled her hard into his body and kissed her passionately.  Then he eased away from her.  She finished her last touches.  Pulled out a file and handed it to him.  “Wouldn’t want you to exit without your dictation papers, Mr. Brisco.”  And she sat down behind her desk at her usual spot and motioned for him to safely exit.  Outside this room, the office was abuzz and full of chatter and phones ringing and it seemed no one had noticed anything.

“Thank you Ms. Sanders.  I will let you know when I need you again, I expect I will tomorrow afternoon, if not earlier.  So please make yourself available.”, he said as he exited.












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