This shit is real and really crazy

Making love a different way… Didn’t know it could feel like that…

Passion, kissing, thrusting, orgasms, cuddles.

As I lay there in his arms, I knew I wanted more.  I knew my craving was not quenched and I had to have his beautiful hard cock inside me again.  My seduction began.  Deep kisses, teasing, begging, touching.   And it worked.  He rose to the occasion.

Aggressively he flipped me over on to my stomach.  Pulled my ass up.  He used his fingers to fuck me in the ass.  Repeatedly.  He fingered both my holes.  He fucked me like the bitch I am, on all fours.  Then I could feel his hard cock rubbing between my ass cheeks.  I was facing the wall, but I did not need to see his face.  I knew what he wanted, what he longed for.  That thing I had never said yes to.  I said to him, you want it don’t you.  You want my ass, don’t you.  He said yes very badly.  I said, if I say stop, do you promise to stop.  He agreed immediately.

He knew this was it.  His moment to take me the way he had wanted to for months.  Take me how he had not been allowed to.  He helped me through it.  Told me when to breathe in deep as he went in further and breathe again and then further.  He was more than I was used to from past experiences.  So he went deeper than I had ever known.

But I took all of him inside me.  To my surprise with his slow begin, his helping me through each moment.  Helping me breathe, it did not hurt.  It felt good.  And for the first time, it did not make me feel dirty.  He was different.  It was not fucking, it was not using.  How did he do this?  How did he make this so different?  For the first time I experienced this new sensation, this knew feeling in my mind.  He didn’t use me, fuck me, hurt me, make me feel ashamed.  He made love to my ass.  He was gently and caring.  Every thrust was bliss.

Now he has had all my holes.  Now all of my holes crave his hard cock.  Instead of feeling dirty and ashamed, I felt loved.  I crave it now.  How does this man make every moment, every pleasure, every single experience feel like love itself?  I have no idea how he does it.  I have no idea where he gets these magical powers.  But I worship the ground he walks on.  I always will.  He is my world, the love of my life.

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