This shit is real and really crazy

7 times in 5 days… Boy did I sleep good last night…

Submission, Control.  Dominant, submissive.  Who would have thought this was the life for me…  But happiness has never been so good as my life now.  My amazing boyfriend is not my dom.  He controls me, and I love to obey him.  So far only one punishment which was much deserved.  But since then, I have been a very good girl.

He is my world.  I long to serve him, make him happy at all times.  I long to do everything he commands, everything he instructs me.

He has control over my spending with my credit cards.  He has control over my health, meaning if he thinks I am sick enough to see a Dr I have to go see one.  If you knew me you would know i tend to wait to see the Dr til I end up in the er.  So trust me this is a good thing.  He controls what I eat which has been wonderful.  I had gained over 20 pounds since thanksgiving and now with his choices, I have gotten every single pound off.  My clothes are getting looser.  I feel so much better.

I have daily chores which are, make my bed, brush my teeth, take my meds….stuff like that.  He chooses what I wear, every single thing except my socks.  I love that.  One of my favorite things in my day.

Now that I have submitted to him, he and I are happier than we have ever been in our entire lives.  He is the love of my life.  As he is my dom, I can never refuse him sex.  Which I do not even want to.  In five days, we had sex seven times.  Sunday we had sex three times.  God he is amazing in bed too.The best sex I have ever had.  We use all kinds of restraints.  All things for pleasure and kinky pain.

We also have things for punishments.  Of course I avoid the need for those at all costs.  I know this life is not for everyone.  I would never try to force this life style on anyone.  But for me it has made my life amazing.  It is joyful perfection.

His dominance comes from a good place in his mind and soul.  He is not abusing me, or beating me.  He is not fucked up and needing to hit women.  Nothing like that.  It is purely carnal.  For me, I have finally found peace.  I found who I am.  I am meant to be owned by the one and only person in the world that deserves me.

One of my challenges is that he loves morning sex because he is a morning person.  I am not.  I am a sleep till 4pm kinda person.  However he made it very clear I am no longer allowed to refuse him.  And I of course will not ever again, or I know I will deserve what he does in return.

Another challenge is that as soon as I get over my cough, I have to start going to the gym with him.  I am naturally kinda lazy.  But oh well.  God knows when I start losing weight quicker I will be grateful for this command.  But it is gonna be a while before I can appreciate it lol.

He is making me get this house in order.  I live with my mom.  She works two jobs and never feels like cleaning.  Things have gotten very messy.  But there will be no more of that.  So far I have had to undecorate the kitchen and clean it from head to toe.  The only thing I have not done is mop the floor.  Once I get the rest of the house clean I will mop the whole house.  My room is the only one with carpet.  The rest is hard wood except the kitchen which is old ass crap that needs to be replaced but never will cause my mom barely gets by with bills.

Well I guess that is all I have to say tonight.  I am fairly energetic.  Maybe I will clean something to surprise my love.  He loves it when I do things without him telling me to.

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