This shit is real and really crazy

Once upon a time… A golden heart…

Once upon a time there is a great king.  He searched lands
near and far for his queen.  But no one was right for
him.  One was too this,,, Another was too that.  And a few
were horrible monsters, they were no queens for this mighty king.  Though this king was mighty, and very strong… He was a caring, loving man who had a heart of gold.  But no woman he met deserved his golden treasure.  But he was not the type to give up.  His search continued.  He never gave up all hope.  He had to believe his queen was out there somewhere.  He had to believe he would one day find her. As time went on, the king got older, wiser and his battles to protect his family were great and challenging.  He grew to know struggle, but he also grew to know how to face that struggle and never walk away.  He learned to stay with those he loved, no matter what their suffering was.  Though these times were hard, he was not the type to quit.  He loved his family and took care of them in any way he was capable.  He endured much hardship.  But he had the love of his family and it made it all worth it.  One day he casually spoke to a young maiden.  He was not even trying to find his queen in that moment.  It was by chance that they spoke.  But she suffered from many struggles herself and did not have it in herself to talk to the king much. He thought it was not meant to be.  He continued his search for his queen else where.  But about once a month, maybe twice, while in town, he bumped into that fair maiden.  He was not trying to, but he began to get more and more intrigued by her.  He began to long for their conversations, be they rare or not.  He pushed onward and began to cherish every conversation.  He longed to say the right thing, to get her attention.  He thought maybe, just maybe she could one day be his queen.  And finally one day without even trying, he did say the perfect thing.  The one sentence that got her full attention.  And suddenly it was not just him who was longing for conversation with her, he longed for every word he spoke to her.  He began to court her.  I would like to say they took it slow like the average people in his kingdom.  He was a mighty king and he had to make his choice well or all would be lost.  If he chose the wrong queen, if he gave the wrong woman his golden heart, he would lose his golden heart forever.  He would fall from grace.  As he began to grow more and more attached to her, he visited her at her home.  He was horrified to the horrors of her life in that terrible place.  But he sat there next to her.  He stayed for hours.  He could feel himself falling for her.  He wondered if she was falling for him too.  This was a terrifying thought.  He was scared and thought about running.  What if his feelings were not returned. Finally he had to leave her that night.  He had to return to his castle.  He had much to do the next morning.  His duties waited for him and his time with the maiden had come to the end for the night.  She stood and walked him to the door. She stepped outside the door for privacy.  She could tell he wanted something by his lingering at her door step.  She could also see it in the look in his eye.  She knew exactly what he wanted.  Or so she thought.  For she was smitten and was now scared herself.  What if the king did not return her feelings.  His eyes told her he wanted to kiss her.  But her faith in her herself grew weary for a moment and she thought she must be imagining this.  He was a great king from far away lands.  She was a simple poor maiden. What would a king ever see in here.  But lacking faith in herself or not, he continued to linger in her doorway.  He became fidgety and she noticed the change in his confidence in himself even though he was the greatest king of all the lands.  She asked him what he wanted, and he admitted he wanted to do something, but he didn’t want to invoke anger or disappointment in her.  She told him to just tell her, she promised to not get mad.  He finally faced almost turned away that he wanted to kiss her.  He thought for sure she would say no, say it was too soon.  Instead she said, well what are you waiting for.  He walked him to her to kiss her and she much to his surprise grabbed a hold of his robes and pulled him fast and hard in to her and did not hesitate to kiss him.  They kissed a few moments and then he finally had to leave.  She watched him get on his horse.  She watched him ride away until she could no longer
see him.  His kiss was so amazing.  And that was all it
took, she was falling for him, and falling fast and hard.
He fear that he was not falling for her, or her being poor
with a bad select few people in their horrible broke down
him would push him away.  Maybe he wanted a kiss because he is a man and he has needs.  What meant so much to here might have meant nothing to him.  She went to her bed chambers and laid now and thought about all of this.  Her lack of confidence chipped away at her heart.  Her heart was not a treasure like the kings.  Her heart was not golden.  But it was big and she had love in her that no one else in the kingdom had.  She had all this love in her, but no one to give it to except her family.  But she wanted a man to love her so she could give this abundance of love to him.  And ever after only one courtship she knew it was the king she longed to offer the love in her heart to.  Soon as he was home, he wrote a letter to her.  Had it sent to her by carrying pigeons.  He wrote words of his truth.  They were more than she had hoped for.  He wanted to take her to dinner on the day of the festival and ignore everyone else while they sat and ate and talked for hours.  It was snowing that day.  It was beautiful  She wondered if she would ever see the king again.  Maybe she talked too much at dinner, or not enough.  Maybe she said the wrong thing and if he was interested in the slightest, he of course would no longer be and he would return to his great kingdom and that would be that.  But he walked her to her door. He wanted to make sure she was safe.  She had new boots on and it was snowing hard and she could have slipped.  He walked her all the way to the door and he kissed her again.  This time, there was even more passion in their kisses.  It was undeniable to both of them that they needed each other.  He wanted to rescue her from her sad life and she wanted to rescue him so he would let her in to his heart.  Before long they spent days together.  Kissing became so passionate that it went further.  Finally when the time was right, they closed the curtains and the intimacy of the night consumed them both so they drew the curtains shut and loved each other all night.  Soon every time he had to return back to his kingdom to fulfill his duties became agony.  Every night when he got home he sent her a carrying pigeon letting her know he got home safe and
told her wonderful things.  Things no one had said to
her.  She sent back words to express her thoughts.  The
pigeons grew tired and needed to recharge.  That was
usually what brought them to finally sleep thinking nothing of each other as they drifted off.  But the happiness of falling for the king did not change that she was sick and had many struggles in life.  Life for her was endlessly hard and no matter what drs gave her, it never fixed the problems.  She grew sadder and sadder in her heart. But the king had known struggle all his life.  And he stood by those who struggled so he wouldn’t let be alone.  Instead he showed her more and more affection.  He rubbed her back, caressed her hair until her mind found peace and she drifted off to sleep.  He would not leave until she was sleeping, giving her mind a time to rest.  No matter her mind, when she woke up day after day, she woke to a carrying pigeon with words expressing how grateful he was to find his future queen.  He did not care how bad her struggles got.  All of his hardships growing with his family had given him the strength and the skills needed to make her see there was a future with him.  He would get her out of this horrible house and take her to the castle one day.  Or he would take her to live with her mother in her home where she was safe.  And this great and mighty king helped her move. The move involved a lot of anger and hurt feelings.  lines were crossed.  Threats were made.  She was lucky to get out alive.  The king carried all her belongings, heavy or not, big or small to her new home with her family.  Soon happiness fell on the king and the maiden.  But more struggle was in their future.  An evil witch used her wicked powers to seduce the king to turn him away from the maiden.  She cast evil spells on the king.  She wanted him all to herself.  She always had and thought she had a chance until he was smitten by the maiden.  The evil spells were strong.  But he fought them with all his might and finally broke the spell and decided to never let the witch anywhere near him again and he banished her forever The poor
maidens heart broke into a million pieces.But the king did
not give up.  He picked up every piece and began to put
each peace back together.  In time he had finished it.
Her heart began to heal again.With every beat she grew
stronger.  And the king took extra time from his duties to
make things right again.  After time passed, they both
began to heal over the wickedness that almost destroyed
them.  But they moved on from it.  Chose to not let it run
their lives and soon they were back to themselves.  They
began to kiss again and be in need of shutting the do from
time to time.  Once again they both began to learn just how much they needed each other, just how much theri love for each other was growing now that the evil witches spell had faded away all together.  They grew so happy together. They were deeply in love.  The fair maiden struggled with her help at times, but he stayed right by her side through it all.  He was who ever she needed him to be, whenever she needed him to be there.  One day she got medicine was a witch dr that lived by the swamps.  She had heard things about him, about magic like no other that could bring her mind peace and she could live a normal healthy life if she drank the potion three times a day.  They had been together for almost a year, in love most of that time, madly in love a lot of that time.  They liked so many of the same things.  They both loved animals.  There was a list a mile long of how compatible they were.  As the weather began to get very cold, a ball was planned.  Gifts were given and a large feast too.  They spent every minute of two days together enjoying the festivities.  They held hands and kissed.  It was a wonderful perfect two days.  A day with his family followed by a day with the fair maiden;  This was a wonderful day of love and of celebrations and gifts
and ballroom dresses.Bought at the very best stores with the help of the king.  Then it was time for another
celebration.  A whole year passed for the entire kingdom so it was ordered that all the kingdoms drink wine and
champagne to drink in the late hours of the night.  The
king declared at the same moment, everyone was to kiss
someone at that moment.  It was there with two goblets of red wine that the king and queen.  The whole kingdom was celebrating.  You could hear them shouting in the
streets.  The king new for sure that this maiden was going
to be his queen one day.  He knew it in his golden heart,
He knew she didn’t care about his riches.  He knew she
would never steal his golden heart and break it in to pieces to sell the pieces to local jewelry stores.  He knew his heart was safe.    And he knew he would do everything in his power to protect not just her heart, but he wanted to be sure to protect that she was to keep her safe.  Now life may move faster.  He talks of marriage, of putting a ring on her finger.  She wants this so badly sometimes she can’t even move cause she is floating away on her fantasy of having something beautiful on her finger for the rest of her life.  They would finally live together.  She would cook
for him often.  She made a great stew and fesh bread.
Many who tried it said it was the best.  She was only
humbled by their words.  As long as they were happy, she
was happy.  As she sat at the table and every one chowed
down throwing compliments in her direction, she drifted off in to a dream of being his queen.  having that ring.
being his.  Every part of her would be his and he golden
heart would belong to her and she would be careful with
it.  she would hold it to her heart gently, wrap it in fine
silks to keep it warm.  She will never cause any harm to
his heart and she will have anyone who tries to steal that
heart from her, she would have them hung, or worse.  Before she met her king she did not want to get married ever again.  But he was different.  Like everything was
different when it came to him.  Now the silly maiden that
the king truly loves, sits around dreaming of marriage and
children.  She wants it as soon as it can happen.  One
thing she knows for sure is once they are married, they are gonna live happily ever after.  Counting each and every day as the blessing it is.  Both were older.  Most kinds and queens get married young.  Maybe that works for them, but for this king and his maiden, they took everything at their fast pace.  He was happy doing it, and she was happy following his lead.  She prays to the new gods and old dogs that he will propose marriage and make her his queen.  No one will ever know our happiness.  Our love is special, it is a one of a kind.  And they will cherish it till the day they take their last breath.

~ For Donovan ~

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