This shit is real and really crazy

The first time I was raped was my first time… PART 2

So I gave you the date of when I was raped in part 1.  Shortly after I ended things with him, I met someone new.  And J just would not accept that.  He touched my arm and my shoulders.  Stuff that is just enough not ok to cause issues with my new guy, C.  Then he started calling me at C’s and I’s apartment which we also had a roommate.  J was rude and disrespectful to them all the time.  And when on the phone with me he went on and on about how stupid C was.  I eventually had to cut off all communication with J.  

I never heard from him….until 8 years later.  8 years later he ended up in the hospital and thought he was gonna die.  He had stomach pain.  So dramatic.  But oh well.  Anyways since he thought he was dying he wanted to make one thing right.  Me.  

He sent me a message on fb and I was so pissed.  I was infuriated.  And I replied and told him off.  I let out all my anger towards him.  But eventually we were talking and became friends cause I was an idiot.  And soon friendship turned into fuck buddies.  I fell in love with him all over again.  But he only lied about loving me so he could keep me wrapped around his finger.  

Dating him was awful.  He cheated.  He dumped me in a fb message on our 6 month anniversary.  Got with another girl and eventually we were fucking each other again…while he had a girl friend.  I figured she deserved it since she was fucking him while i was with him.  He promised another chance if they didn’t work out.  Yeah that was bullshit.

But no matter how bad it got, I wanted to be with him.  I needed to.  It made the rape go away.  If we ended up together in the end, then the past didn’t matter.  That is actually common for rape victims.  But he treated me so bad.  He was always yelling at me.  At times I was scared of him from all the yelling.  

I started talking to guys on a dating site.  But every time I stopped texting J all day every day, he knew I was getting attached to another guy and J would talk me out of it.  He would get me hooked on him again.  Promise things would be better.

He got me to stay at his house to take care of his sick grandmother.  And during that time he called me awful names.  Called me retarded.  I eventually walked out on him.  I didn’t speak to him a while.  But once again I went back.  For three years, every time I got to talking to a guy and wanted to date him J would talk me out of it.  So I would cancel my dates.

The last year we dated he stopped touching me.  He had lots of excuses.  But I am not stupid.  He didn’t fuck me anymore cause he was fucking other girls.  He even fucked his best friend and showed me naked pics of her to hurt me.  

But I am happy to say that piece of shit is gone from my life for good.  I blocked him on everything.  The only way he could contact me would be to come to my house in person.  Yeah I know he won’t do that.  He is too much of a coward to do that.  

I am happy to report that last year I found the love of my life.  We have been together for over a year now.  He is just wonderful.  His name is Donovan, Don for short.  He treats me with respect and love.  We have the best sex life.  He never stops touching me.  We kiss all the time.  I no longer beg for kisses like I did with J.  He has a beautiful cock that fills me up nice and tight.  He is kinky as fuck just like me.  It is the best sex I have ever had.  He puts the sex I had in the past to shame, especially with my ex-husband.  

I am so in love.  We are so in love.  I finally got the happily ever after.

~ For Donovan ~

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