This shit is real and really crazy

By the time she heard the men, it was too late… Part 1 of a short series

The only sounds in her mind were men whistling.  She never even had a moment to wonder what she was doing outside of a bar at that hour.  It wasn’t even a decision she made.  She just was… She was outside of the bar.  It was late.  The bar was run down.  There seemed to have been more holes in the parking lot, than not.  She wasn’t a bar kinda girl.  And if she were to go to a bar, this is not the bar she would ever end up.

If she had a moment to think, maybe she would think about how getting picked up by a guy at a super market was overrated.  She might think about the fact that it was a nice super market.  All organic.  Expensive.  She might wonder why a guy shopping at a store like that would take her to a bar like this.

She might think that, maybe she should have paid more attention to that half lit sign.  If she had looked closely, she might have been able to make out the name of the sign.  She might have thought hard about the fact that she didn’t know her dates’ last name, or where on earth she was.  She might have thought about the fact that he meant for her to never know these things.

Tessa was not the kinda girl to be in a place like this.  Tessa was smart, pretty.  She was in the school daddy chose pursuing the career daddy wanted. She ate right.  She spoke well.  She was so involved in proving herself to her parents, she had not made any friends to speak of in the two years at school.  And right now, if she had a moment to think, it might occur to her that it would actually be a while before someone noticed she was missing.

Tessa’s date, Brennon offered her a drink which she declined.  He ordered it for her anyways.  She was as always, polite, and she held the drink in her hand often enough to distract him from the level the glass stayed full.  Full drink or not, it did not discourage Brennon from making his move.

Brennon got up from his side of the booth they sat at and slid in next to her, making it impossible for her to get up.   Shielding any real view of her from anyone else at the bar.  He moved fast.  He slid in slow but with purpose.  Before she could react, he was right against her right side, her left now pressed against the wall.  She thought maybe he would put one arm around her shoulder like in every movie.  But no, he skipped that whole move and slid his left arm behind her low… and then lower again til his hand was on her bare skin.

At the same time the tips of his fingers breached the edge of her waist band, his right hand was cupping her right breast.  His movements were so fluid.  Her mind could not keep up to react.

In a perfect moment where the girl turns bad ass, her drink would have been thrown into his face.  But instead, sheer panic caused her to drop it.  The drink hit the table on it’s corner with a sudden crash and vodka and ice poured in an instant from the table to both of their laps.  In an instant, his smooth mood flipped like a light switch and anger replaced it.

He got up so abruptly, he knocked over his own drink which hit him like he was its’ own personal bullseye.  Brennon and his wet jeans were on their way to the bathroom in a flash, giving Tessa time to get up.

She was out the door to the bar as fast as her trembling legs carried her.  As soon as she felt the fresh air, her mind went numb.  Shock took over.  No one had ever touched her like that, or at all before.  She had to get away.  He would be looking for her.  She could not think.  Her legs didn’t want to move.  She looked straight ahead and all she saw were cars and bikes.  She saw his car and she knew he would come this way.  So she turned right and forced her legs to carry her further away from the door.  Then another right to be sure to be out of his view for sure.

Her body was numb.  She froze in place.  Whistling was all she could hear at first before the voices poured in.  The danger she had put herself in still did not fill her head.

“Hey baby, what’s you doing pretty little thing?”

“Look at this bitch…”

The voices began to fill her ears.  She had to move.  She had to run.  She had to breathe.  She started to take a deep breath.  But it was cut short from a hand over her mouth and a sharp pain on her arm from a strong grip.  It was too late.  This was going to happen.  She was small and frail and they were not.  There were several, but the tears in her eyes kept her from making much out.  Then a searing pain in the back of her head followed by equal pain covering her back as one of the men shoved her hard against the brick building she could only assume was the bar.

A man on each side held an arm.  She tried to struggle, but her weak state from the blow to the head stopped any fight she might have had.

“You are a quiet one, little girl.  Let’s keep it that way.  Don’t fucking make a sound!”

Reality was flooding in past the throbbing in her head.  Her world was about to end.  She had to do something.  She had to fight back.  She had to stop them.  She began to pull from them.  Well, she tried.  She forced her head down as far as she could to defend herself from their mouths.  “STOP!  LET GO OF ME!!”

That was the last words she spoke before the fist from the man in front of her taught her that her silence was not a suggestion.  The taste of blood filled her mouth at the same time the ripping sting from the open gash hit her senses.  She let out a brief cry that was immediately silenced by a man’s mouth.

He forced his tongue in her mouth so far she gagged.  Then someone’s hands were on her body.  No, not someone, several hands were on her.  All over her.  Her little white blouse, now stained with blood was ripped open so fast and hard it startled her.

She let out a loud cry which was rewarded with a slap so hard it took her breath away.  Now they had her skirt lifted and her panties were getting pulled off.  This was it.  Her innocent body she had saved all this time was about to be ruined.  And then something else happened.  A loud boom causing her ears to ring before she was dropped.  She lay on the ground on her hands and knees trying to regain her senses.  Was she alone?  Where did they go?  No… She wasn’t alone.  And she wasn’t on the ground, she was up.  Someone grabbed her hard like stone and had her up on her feet.  A man.  A man had her.  She was weak, but obeyed him when he commanded her to stand for him.  He did his best hurried job to straighten her clothes.  He put his jacket on her, pulled her arms through for her and zipped it all the way up for her.

He put his hands on each of her arms hard to push her and lead her to his bike.  He lifted her roughly and sat her on it, then climbed on.  Instinctively, she wrapped her arms around his body.  The roar of his bike coming to life startled her, increasing her grip.  He put his bike in gear and they were off.  The wind was rough and stung her cuts.  Time was passing.  The roads were completely black.  There were wild weeds blossoming in the woody area flying past them.  The smells let a slight taste mix with the blood on her tongue.  The ride seemed over too fast and to take forever at the same time.  They stopped in front of a large home, barely lit.  She could barely make out anything.

He waited a moment, then reached down and gripped her hands to pull them off of his chest.  He slid slowly off his bike, then turned to face her.  Her arms remained extended.  Shock filled her mind, slowing down her reason.  He reached out and gently pulled her arms down to her sides.  She turned to see his face.  Darkness shielded all of his identity aside from a beard and shoulder length curls.  She couldn’t see his eyes, but she stared into them, none the less.  They remained there for a moment, looking deep into each other.  But, realizing she was never going to move from that spot, he grabbed her by her arms and lifted her from the bike.  He sat her on her feet just a moment long enough to get her up in his arms.  He carried her to his door.

“Can you stand?  I have to unlock the door.”

She said nothing.  Instead she nodded her head looking down, letting her long hair fall across her face.  Soon as the door was open, he grabbed her by the bend of her arm and led her inside.

When the lights came on, her eyes ached through tears and swelling.  She had not stopped crying in all that time.  His home was warm.  “Please stop crying.”

She lowered her head to her feet, but the sobs continued.  That was it.  He was not going to stand there watching her cry all night.  He took her face in both his hands, using more force than he needed to, to make her yield and look at him.  “Stop crying, I said.  You’ve cried enough.”  She looked into his eyes.  Tears still rolling down her face.  She knew she should stop.  She didn’t want to make him angry.  “ENOUGH!!” And with that his mouth was on hers, hard.  His tongue parted her mouth and found her tongue.  She pushed him, her small thin hands pressed hard as she could muster on his shoulders.  But his grip on her face kept her in place.

But then this stopped feeling like an invasion and her tongue relaxed.  She kissed him back and her tears stopped.  And just as sudden, he stopped kissing her, and let go of her and pulled away.  She stared up at him.  She stood there dazed.  But she had, had enough of the mess going on in her head.  She didn’t think for even a moment.

Without another second of hesitation, she flung her frail self at him with all her might, locking her arms around his neck, her mouth meeting his, only by standing on the very tip of her toes.  The only fear she had in that moment was that he would pull away again, or stop her.  But he didn’t.

His long arms wrapped around her, crushing her some.  He lifted her off the ground, carried her into the living room and dropped them both onto the soft carpet.  He kissed her harder and harder.  His hands wondered over her body.  The fingers on his left hands found the zipper on his jacket she still had on.  The only thing intact now was her little white bra, which he ripped off so hard, she gasped.  Her small breasts were now exposed.  She blushed and turned her head.  He swiftly sucked on her small pink nipples and without any warning sunk his teeth into her left breast so hard she screamed and squirmed underneath his weight.  He bit down long and hard, releasing only long enough to clamp down on the other breast even hard it seemed to her.  She screamed again, but this time the scream was without fear, it was just a reaction her body made.  He released her breast, used one hand to pin both of her hands above her head, and kissed her even harder than before.  She felt her lips swell and bruise.  His beard burned.  The cut on her lip left her in agony.

He shifted his weight from on top of her, to his side on the floor, giving him use of his other hand.  Her skirt was up above her panties in a moment, and he began to slide his hands underneath the front of her panties.  Out of reflex, her legs slammed shut.  “DON’T do that!” He used one leg to spread her legs apart hard and fast, but she did not resist at all.  She could not stop him if she wanted to, and she did not want to at all.  She let her legs lay open and in a moment his hands were back underneath her panties, and his index finger found its way to her lips.  “You’re so wet.  Tell me you want me.  Tell me you want me inside you.”  And for the first time, she found her voice.  “YES!  Please, I want you.  Please, just do it.”

His mouth met hers again, hard again.  Then he got on his knees, took his fingers and slid down her little white panties.  It was the only thing he had done gently.  And even though she didn’t know she needed it before he did it, she then knew it was important.  He crawled on top of her, used one knee to harshly spread her legs open again.  He lifted up on to his knees, undid his pants, pulled them down releasing his hard cock.

She looked at it, then looked into his eyes.  A second later she screamed as he entered her hard, moving right into hard violent thrusts, ripping her open.  She cried out, tears fell again slightly.  Her sex ached.  She was in agony, she was raw, ripping and open.  It felt to her like it was never going to end.  He thrusted and thrusted, harder and harder as he built up to his end.  When he came inside her, his hot fluids burned to her very core.  When he caught his breath, he slid his cock out of her, slowly now and she gasped.  It wasn’t until then that he realized what he had done.  He was her first.  “You were a virgin?  You’re bleeding.”  “Yes, I never… I never did anything like this” she said.  “But you didn’t stop me.  You wanted me” he said.  “Yes, I wanted you to.  I wanted you to be my first.  I wanted this.”

He leaned over and kissed her mouth softly.  She suddenly felt weaker than she had ever felt before.  He lifted her up in his arms, and he carried her to a bedroom.  He sat her down next to the bed, commanded her to stand still.  He slid off the remains of her blouse, and her skirt.  He pulled down a blanket, then took her hand and he put her to bed.  He left her there to sleep.  Alone.

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