This shit is real and really crazy

By the time she heard the men, it was too late… Part 2 in a short series

The next day she stood for a long while, looking in the mirror.  So many bruises from those men at the bar.  Cuts deeper than she was willing to admit even then, staring back at herself.  Even as she carefully caressed them with the tips if her fingertips.  The depth of those cuts were not the only thing she was not ready to admit to herself.  
Just how much danger was she truly in?  Was it as bad as it felt in that moment?   Would they have stopped when they were finished with her?  And just what exactly would have qualified to them as finished.  A shiver ran through her.  
She was a few steps away from never looking in that mirror ever again.  From walking away.   But then something caught her eye.  She saw another mark.   Two in fact.  Two bite marks.  One on each of her breasts.  She stopped dead in her tracks and took a long look.  Then she let her fingertips do a little looking of their own.  She could still feel the mans teeth lined in her skin.  The man who rescued her last night.  
Why were his bruises making her blush?  Why did they chase away the cold feeling from the earlier shiver?  Why did these marks heat her blood and quicken her heart?  He hurt her too.  It was an entire night of having no control.  But the man….when he took control over her, somehow he took away all of her pain and fear.  Kisses so hard her lips swelled red.  
Suddenly she was aware of the ache between her legs too.  The men at the bar hurt her.  They hurt her a lot.  And they had meant to hurt her much more.  She may even have gotten off lucky.  Thanks to the man on the bike.  She didn’t know his name.  She didn’t dare ask.  Though, she desperately wanted to know.   That was not the only thing she desperately wanted from him.
The more desperate she felt, the more her sex ached.   Was the ache from last night?  Or was the ache from wanting more?  This wasn’t who she was.  She was a good girl.  She did everything she was told.  She did everything she was supposed to do.  How had she ended up with her life in danger at that bar?  And how was she in a strangers bathroom right now?  Why did she want more of him?  Why did she want this?  He hurt her?  He left full sets of teeth marks on her breasts.  
She should call the police.  She should at least find something to put on and run out the door and run until she found cars.  Was she still in danger?  Was her very life in danger?  Still?  Was he more danger to her than the men at the bar?
Her mind flooded with more and more questions.  All of her years of being raised to never let these things happen.  She should be scared.  Where was she even at?  Were her clothes even there for her to put on now, what was left of them anyways?  Were the doors unlocked so she could get out and start running for help?  Those men at the bar meant to kill her.  But then he rescued her.  He had rescued her….hadn’t he?  Or was she a fool.  Had she actually been taken by someone worse?  
He kissed her without her permission.  He pulled her clothes off with a feverish hurry.  He grabbed her with both arms so tight as he lifted her off his bike and into his living room where he stripped her.  Threw her on the carpet and took her like a mad man.  No….this is bad she thought.  Maybe she wasn’t rescued.  Maybe she was taken.  Taken to some place worse.  The ride on his bike was long.  There were no street lights.  He lived back deep in the woods.  
She suddenly realized even if she could get out, she had no way of finding a road with cars.  It would be too far by foot and she had no shoes because she had lost those at the bar.  Suddenly all of her aching lust was erased and replaced ten fold by panic and fear and tears.  Without even realizing it, she dropped hard on to her knees to the floor sobbing.  The sound of her hitting the floor drew his attention from the other room and she wasn’t alone anymore.  He was there.  And in a second, he had his hands gripping so tight on her arms, she could not move.  
“What do you want from me?” she said, much softer than she intended.  Hey hair, long and messy fell over her face as she looked down, away from him.  “Are you ok?” a rough voice said.  “I have a shirt for you to put on.  It’s laying on the chair.  Why are you on the floor?  Are you hurt?”  She thought about his words for a moment.  Was he kidding?  Was she hurt?  Of course she was hurt.  Her body was visual proof.  And he had something to do with it.  A few slow tears began to fall down her face.  He held her so tight.  “You can let go of me.  I won’t run away.” she said, looking up a little from the ground, allowing her hair to tall away from her face.  “Can you sit up on your own?” he said, a hint of concern in his voice.  “Yes, I’m fine.  I just felt weak for a moment.  I’m ok now.”  He listened and released her arms.
To her surprise, she wavered a little.  She was depending on his hands and didn’t even realize it.  But he let her steady herself, and sit up straight.  Then she finally looked up to his eyes.  He grabbed her face.  Just like last night and pulled her forcefully into his arms and began to kiss her.  He kissed her hard again, and long.  This time, she didn’t resist at all.  She fell into his body and returned his kiss.  She kissed him until she wondered if she had any breath left.  She could feel her lips ache, but she did not stop until he did.  “Can I help you up?  I’ll help you into the shirt.  Then I will make us something to eat.  You have to eat.  You have been asleep a long time.  You need food now.  Come now and let’s get you dressed.
Once again he put his hands on her arms, hard, causing them to ache.  He lifted her up fast, too fast and she stumbled into his chest.  He held her a moment, then straightened her.  He dressed her in one of his shirts.  He was a tall broad man.  She was short and very thin.  On her, the shirt was a dress.  She was fully covered as they walked into the other room.
He led her through until the dining room and seated her there.  The smell of food cooking hit her then.  It was then that she felt her belly so empty it ached.  She could tell by the smell this was going to be something she would never eat.  Meat was cooking.  She never let herself touch meat.  Her diet was strict.  And being as though they were in the middle of no where, she doubted it came from anywhere with organic on the front door.  “Excuse me….uh…sir…I’m sorry to be rude, but I won’t eat that.  I’m a vegan.  I don’t eat meat.” she said with her face down again.  He walked away from the stove toward her, getting really close.  He firmly gripped her chin and said, “If you want to show me how sorry you are for being rude, then stop being rude.  You are going to eat what I made for you.  I’m not asking.  You went through a lot last night and you need food to give you strength.”  She started to shake her head in protest, but he tightened his grip and said, “Enough girl.  You are going to eat.”  This time, she did not try to move.  And she kept her mouth shut.  And she was trembling a little.  She didn’t know why, but she knew she was not to argue with him.
He set the table for the two of them.  He took a bite of his food, then waited on her before he would touch his again.  She decided it was from exhaustion and a hunger unknown to her previously that gave her the strength to finish, but she did.  She was shocked at just how good it tasted.  When they finished, he handed her two small white tablets.  Before giving them to her he warned her not to take both at the same time.  That she was too small to handle both and to take the other one later.  “I don’t do drugs.  What is it?  I really am not one to just take pills from a stranger, sir.  I don’t even know your name.” she said.  He looked at her with a wicked grin on his face.  “We are hardly strangers at this point, don’t you think?  And I think I will let you keep calling me sir.  It pleases me.  But if you are good, I might tell you later.  I’m going to go draw you a bath.  Take your medicine girl and behave.  I can see you are tough, but you took quite a beating.  There is no shame in taking something for pain when you really need it.”  Her eyes were wide from his words as she watched him walk toward the bedroom.  And like a good girl that she always was, she took her medicine.
She watched him come back into the room and stood up to go take her bath.  The bathroom looked different now.  Warm lighting and steamy from the hot  water running.  She was stronger now, than this morning.  She raised the shirt over her head and now that she was alone could finally admit to herself, just how sore she was from last night.  The bruises looked much worse now, than this morning.  And only now did she take note of her face.  She had small thin lips and it seemed the gash from where the man hit her was massive on her.  But that was nothing compared to her black eye.  Her pale white skin did nothing to hide that half of the left side of her face was blackened.  Tears swelled up, a few fell slow.  But she stopped herself and climbed into the tub.  The tub was surrounded by mirrors and she could now see how badly her back was bruised.  Her entire body was sore and stiff.  A knocking on the door followed by his voice, “Would you like my help?”  “Yes.  Please, will you help me wash my hair?”
He tenderly washed her hair.  From start to finish, his huge hands were as tender as he could keep them.  When he was done, he said, “Would you like me to leave now?”  She thought for a moment.  That was the last thing she wanted.  “No.  Please help me out.  I am very sore.  He put one hand under her left arm and took her right hand in his and helped her climb out.  He held out a towel for her, but she just stood there, looking at him.  “Kiss me” she said.  “No, your lip needs to heal.  All of you needs to heal.”  She looked down at her feet.  “Please sir, will you take me to bed with you?”  Firmer this time he said, “No girl.”  She took slow steps toward him and wrapped herself around him.  Then she begged him.  “Please.  I can’t explain it.  But I need you to take me to bed.  I need you.  I want you.  I can take it.  Please sir.  Please.  please.  Please.”  She began to tremble and he saw her weak from it.  He leaned down and took her chin in one hand.  “Girl, you are weak.  But there is something about you that makes me weak to you.”
He picked her up in his arms and carried her to the bed.  He lay her down carefully.  The bed was the softest bed she had ever laid on.  It was also the biggest bed she had ever seen.  He slowly began to undress himself.  Every button on his shirt, the sound of his belt buckle…. they all seemed like a slow methodical dance just for her.  “Do you want me just this one more time girl?  Or will you want me again tomorrow?” he said in a low voice.  She could not help a giggle slipping her lips before saying, “I will want you longer than that sir.  If you will have me, that is.”  Now naked and erect, he leaned over her and whispered, “I really don’t do gentle, but if you want to survive this to have more tomorrow, I better make an exception.  Yes girl, I think I will have you.  In fact, I think I will have you as often as I desire.  So tonight, I am going to be tender with you so you can get better.  Just keep it in your head girl, this is not what I do.  This is not what I will do to you in the future.  When you get better, I will take you when I want, how I want.  And you will hurt when I want you to hurt.  Do you understand girl?  Am I making myself clear?  Can you give me this at any given moment I want?”  She looked at him serious now.  “Are you going to hurt me like you did the first time?  Will you hurt me like that all the time?”  He stood upright to examine her expression.  Was she scared of this?  Was she making light of this?  He would teach her a fine lesson for making a joke out of this.  “Yes I am going to hurt you like the first time.”   “Ok sir.  Can you please come to bed with me now?”
He had no idea if she understood who he was.  Did she know what he wanted from her?  But she had agreed.  And for now, he could not test her loyalty to him.  For now there were extreme limitations to deal with.  For a while there would be limitations.  It would take a while for her to heal.  He wanted to give her pain.  But right now she was already in pain.  Someone else gave her this pain and it sickened him.  The only pain he had given her was thrusting inside her and ripping her open.  The thought of this gave him great satisfaction.  Would she still be sore from his pain?
He began to climb into bed next to her.  She trembled slightly.  “Are you cold, girl?  Or are you afraid of me?  Do you wish me to stop?” he said abruptly.  “No!  Please don’t leave.  I am a little cold.  I am a little scared.  I am not scared of you.  I am just scared because this is new to me.  I never…  Well you know.  You were my first.  I am scared.  Yes.  But I want you to be with me.  Please.  Stay.” she whimpered out.  “Shhh.  Stop now.  It’s ok.  I am here.  I won’t leave you girl.”  He kissed the side of her lips that were in tact.  She leaned forward to kiss more, but he waved a finger at her and tisk’d.  She knew not to beg for kisses after that.  He laid his body beside her, against her.  he kissed her cheek and down her neck.  He kissed her breasts and played with her nipples between his fingers and thumb.  He kissed all the way down her body.  She laid still until his mouth came near her sex and suddenly she tensed and began to protest.  “Don’t protest girl, if you know what is good for you.  If you want to be here, in this house.  your body will be mine.  I will do with it what i want.  Now is the time to get over your shyness.  A woman’s body tastes beautiful.  Just relax.  I am going to remember your stopping me later.” he said sternly.  Then he kissed lower and lower onto her sex.  He slid his tongue in between her lips until she was as wet as she needed to be.  Small moans escaped her breath.  Her nipples erect and hard.  He raised up and climbed over top of her.  “Your body is ready, tell me you are ready for me.” he commanded.  “Oh god, yes sir.  I’m ready.”
He slipped the tip of his hard cock inside her and enjoyed the breathy moan she made.  Then he slid all the way in her.  Ready or not, yesterday she was a virgin.  And she was very small and tight for his size.  Every muscle in her body tensed and she cried out from pain.  But he ignored her cries and thrust in again and again.  Her eyes swelled with tears.  she grasped tightly to his arms pushing him.  But she had given him permission for this, and he was not about to stop now.  He had warned her.  He told her no.  But she begged.  He wasn’t used to going slow which gave him longer lasting stamina.  This made her pain last and last.  He thrusted and thrusted and she cried for him to stop.  She wanted it out.  But now he was in charge.  He made her body his.  He fucked her over and over, slowly and minutes went by slow for her.  She wanted it over with.  She was ripping in two.  Finally the pain began to ease up some.  The pain never stopped, but it lightened enough that she could stop fighting him.  She relaxed and let it happen.  His weight on her, pushed her body hard into the mattress reminding her of every bruise she had on her back.  And then it stopped.  He stopped moving inside her.  She looked up at him as he came.  Her pain seemed distant from a feeling of satisfaction when she saw his face as he filled her up.  He looked at her tear stained face.  He kissed her cheeks.  His body relaxed and fell onto the bed beside her.  He waited for her anger.  He was fully satisfied with her suffering for him.  He would suffer now through her anger.  She earned it.  But instead, she began to curl up next to him and stroke his chest with the tiny tips of her fingers.  She lay her head on his chest and let out a light whisper.  “Will you please sleep next to me this time sir?” He shook his head in almost disbelief.  “Yes of course girl.  You were very good.  I will sleep next to you as long as you stay here.”
She lifted her head to speak to him, but she could not dare look him in the eyes.  She blushed.  The blush ran down her pale body.  “What is it girl?”he said.  “I thought…. Will it always hurt this much?  I thought it would feel good tonight.” she whispered.  He laughed lightly and said, “Yes girl.  It takes time.  It takes practice.  Everything we do together might hurt at first.  But your body will adapt and you will feel much pleasure.  Have you never talked to anyone about sex before?”  She shook her head.  “I don’t know anything.  I wasn’t allowed to date.  My father would have bea…. Will you please teach me?”  He let out a long slow sigh and said, “Oh girl, I will teach you everything.  And I will enjoy teaching you.  Don’t be shy to tell me when you do not know, I promise you girl.  Your not knowing pleases me even more than if you knew.  Now sleep.”


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