This shit is real and really crazy

Broken Plate

You left me with a broken plate.  Table for one.  Now I’m here all alone trying to hold the pieces together while eating off of it.

With every bite I take, I watch my bleeding heart seep through the cracks, making my food taste bitter and staining all the remains with a deathly ill tint of red.

As a drop falls, grabbing at the tip of my shoe, I know I must walk away from this murderous scene.

But I can’t wash away the memory of what you’ve done.

The further away I walk, the more time pulses through my veins giving new life to the heart that died.

The broken plate you left me with could not be fixed.  No glue was strong enough to make up for the missing pieces created by words unspoken.

So I let go and opened my eyes wide to watch it fall to the floor.

I smiled at all the piercing sharp pieces and kept smiling as I walked through them.

You can’t hurt me anymore


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