This shit is real and really crazy

Thanks for leaving me sore… Do it again sometime…

They exited the back door which led to the staff parking.  Jay politely held the door for Catherine as he would for any female on any other day.  He knew nothing about her, other than she was a server.  Jay owned Wade.  He owned it and he cooked there.  The place had taken downtown Louisville by storm.  Seats were hard to come by.  His days ran long.  Tonight had been particularly long and trying.  He was tired, but needed to relax a while before he would ever find peaceful sleep.  Catherine was a hard worker.  He had noticed over the year she worked there, that she was often the last on duty.  Jay needed a drink.  But he also longed for conversation.

“Would you be interested in accompanying me for a drink down the street, Catherine?”

“Yes.  Yes, that would be nice Mr. Carter.” she said sweetly.

Catherine was soft spoken.  Unlike the thoughts of Jay, she was not snobby at all.  She was a very hard worker.  And somewhat quiet.  And she had chosen to turn down on more than one occasion, Jay’s second in command chef.  This was how the rumor started about her being snobby.  Catherine had white skin, so white that when the moonlight hit, she almost glowed.  She wore makeup enhancing her eyes, but other than that, left her face natural.  As they exited, she took down her hair and let it fall down her back.  Her hair was very long and wavy.  A natural dark brown.    Jay had never seen her like this.

He never thought anything negative about her looks.  She was attractive.  But like this, she looked wild and beautiful in a way that took him by surprise.  For a moment, he was stunned.  But he quickly caught back up to her pace.

She stopped and turned to him, “Do you want to go to Patrick’s?  That’s a nice place for a late drink.”

“Yes” he said.  “Actually, that is exactly where I had in mind.  It’s my favorite.”

“Great.  Do you mind if we walk?  The night is so lovely.  The air is cool, the humidity has finally eased up.”

“Sure” said Jay.

Catherine placed one hand on Jay’s shoulder for balance and leaned down to remove each of her shoes.  Jay smiled a little grin at the sight of her walking barefoot through downtown.  For whatever reason, the image of her like this just delighted him.  The uptight image he had had of her was quickly melting away in his mind.  She was nothing like he expected.  She even seemed different from anyone he knew.

They began walking, pace matching.  And before long, they were seated at the bar.

Tonight, Patrick’s was unusually empty and sorta quiet.  It was sure to give them both the opportunity to get to know each other.  Catherine had slid her slender black heels back on to enter, just in case someone noticed.  But as soon as they were seated, off they came.  Her full hair fell now on each side, hiding her face a little.  It made her appear shy.  Jay could not help but wonder if she really was shy.  Shy can be nice, he thought to himself.  Wasn’t what he was used to, but that did not mean he would grow to dislike her for it.  Wait…  did that mean he liked her?  Yes, he thought to himself.  He was starting to like her.

A waitress appeared quickly to their table.  Jay was fast to speak.  “Start a tab for us on my account please.  I will have a jack and coke.  And the lady will have… Catherine, what would you like?  They have a nice house white wine.” “I’ll have a corona with lime please.”

A beer girl, he thought to himself.

Talking with her was easy.  That surprised him.  They had never talked to each other, yet here they were, talking about books and music and movies.  It didn’t matter at all how different some of their tastes were.  There was no judgement.  Conversation flowed through the night.  Before he noticed, there were a few empty bottles on each side of their table.  He watched her smile and laugh.  He loved how her eyes lit up.  She was beautiful and her pale skin looked exotic against his dark skin when she laid her thin small hand on his to emphasize her story she was telling.  But, he realized now that it was later than he figured either of them realized.  “Are you working tomorrow, Cathy?  I don’t want you to be too tired.”  She flipped her phone over to know the time.  “No, I’m off tomorrow.  But, you must be.  So we can walk back to our cars.  And it’s Kitty.  Cathy was my mom.  You can call me Kitty.”

He held the door for her and she made her way out, never bothering to put back on her shoes.  It seemed to have rained a little while they had their drinks.  He was sorry she was tired and ready to go home.  Maybe he could persuade her to come out with him another night some time.  It was no time at all before they were standing by their cars.  The lot was empty now.  Life outside the restaurant was quiet now.  He walked her right to her car and leaned in for a hug.  Just a simple brief friendly hug.  But in return, once again she surprised him.  She wrapped her arms around his neck, leaned in, putting her face against his and whispered, “You’re wrong about one thing though.  I am definitely not tired yet.  Would you like to do something to change that?”  Then she gave him the most gentle peck on the cheek, before letting go and stepping back.  “Did you have anything particular in mind, Ms. Kitty?”  She tapped the tip of her finger on her smiling lips and said, “Oh I have faith in you, that you have more than enough ideas on how to ware me out.  Shall I follow you, or shall you come to my place?”  Suddenly, she didn’t seem so shy at all.  “Please madam, do follow me.  I live very close.”

On the way to his house, he thought about her.  He had never been with any woman that wasn’t black.  He had no intentions of this when he asked her out for a drink.  He simply planned on having a couple of drinks and then going home to rest.  Alone.  Now he was pulling in his driveway with the most beautiful woman right behind him.

He walked her to his door with his hand on the small of her back.  This seemed to please her as much as it did him.  He made sure he was careful with his keys.  He did not want to appear clumsy at a time like this.

She walked in first, he flipped lights on behind her.  She ran her fingers across his collection of books.  “You’re a hard back guy?”  “Yes, I prefer them hardback.  Weird, I know.”  She turned to face him and said, “Not weird at all.  I prefer things nice and hard.”

She used her index finger to call him over.  He stood right in front of her.  They stood still for a moment, staring into each others eyes.  He wondered.  He wanted desperately to know what thoughts were swimming around in her mind.  “Your lips look dry.” she said to him.  “I like things wet.”  And just like that, she was on him.  She kissed him feverishly and passionately.  Her arms were wrapped around his neck again.  He ran his hands, his nails leading their way down her back and across her ass where he stopped to dig in.  He grabbed her and pulled one of her legs up and around him.  He pushed her back against the book shelves.  He worried he was being too rough, but she gave no hint that she wanted him to stop in any way.  She only kissed him harder and deeper.  “She stopped suddenly to look at him.  “Where’s your bedroom Mr. Carter?” “Yes mam.  Right this way.”

“I want, what I want Mr. Carter.”

“And what is it, that you want young lady?”

“I want you to watch me take my clothes off for you.  Then, I want you to get down on your knees and make love to me with your mouth.  I want you to make me cum for you.  Then I want you to use my body any way you desire.  And I don’t want you to hold back.  I don’t break.”

He didn’t say a word.  He just watched as she unbuttoned her white blouse, slowly, one button at a time.  She slid the top down her arms and then let it fall to the floor.  She reached back and unzipped her black fitted skirt that just reached her knees.  She slid it down and let it drop to the floor.  Underneath her clothes were a white lace bra with matching white lace panties.  A moment later, both were on the floor.

He had never been with a white woman.  He never knew he wanted to.  Maybe he didn’t.  Maybe it was just her, he thought.  Maybe she was special.  He obeyed her once more when her long finger beckoned him.  She put her hands on his shoulders and pushed, letting him know to drop down.  She stepped forward, up to him.  And suddenly the pace of things sped up.  He was on her, gripping her hips, pulling her pussy hard into his face.  He kissed her, parted her lips with his tongue and danced his tongue in and out of her.  He flickered it across her clit until she came.  Her knees weakened and his grip was the only thing helping her stand.  He knew then, his skill matched her experience.  He was ready for more.  And he was taking it.  Now.  He stood up quick and grabbed her hard, pulling her into him.  Her breasts slammed against his chest.  He kissed her hard and deep, gripping the base of her hair tight.  He stopped to undress, but she beat him to it.

She had him undressed fast with skill.  She dropped to her knees fast and her hands gripped his already hard dick and began stroking him back and forth.  She swirled her grip on him, giving him a feeling he had never known.  Suddenly her mouth was on him.  She took as much of him in her mouth as she could.  She pulled off and ran the very tip of her tongue around the head of his cock, then down the bottom to the base, and then danced it around on his balls.  She licked and sucked.

He was at his edge.  He grabbed her by both of her arms and pulled her up in a quick moment.  Their mouths met fast and hard.  His lips ached from the friction.  He grabbed her and picked her up and dropped her onto the bed.  He did not waste a second.  He did not hesitate.  He grabbed her and flipped her onto her stomach, then grabbed her hips and jerked her up onto her knees.  He put one hand on her head, shoving her into the mattress.  He thrusted  into her so hard, she gasped.  He noticed for a brief moment, she held her breath before letting out a sigh that was almost a moan.  He continued to thrust, picking up a fast rhythm.  The power behind each thrust grew in strength.  She said not to hold back.  He fucked her harder and harder until he was there.  She was clinching onto his dick now.  She was ready.

“I’m almost there.  Keep going.  Please, keep going.  I’m going to cum.” she cried out.

So he held off for her.  He pushed in and out a little longer.  And it didn’t take long at all.  She moaned and cried out.  She sounded exotic and animalistic to him.  Then, what she said next brought him to his climax.  Never before had a woman begged him to fill her up.  He did it.  He came hard.  And she moaned out a breathy sigh when he did.

He collapsed onto her, his weight sank his body, going from up on her knees to flat on the bed.  He stayed there for a minute, his body on top of her, still inside her.  He kissed the back of her neck.  Her long wavy hair was wilder than ever now.  Spread out around her in a way that looked placed on purpose.  He rolled off of her, onto her side.  He laid onto his back, panting.  She quickly rolled over to face him, propping herself on her elbow, holding her head in her hand.  Her hair fell across her, almost clothing her breasts.

“Thank you for that.  I really needed that.”

He said, “Umm… You’re welcome.  Trust me, I didn’t know how much I needed that until it was happening.  But I can tell you now, I really needed that too.”  They talked for a few minutes, but soon both were asleep.  He couldn’t remember when he woke up, who fell asleep first.  And he had no idea when she got out of bed.  But he woke up alone.

The apartment was empty.  He wondered why she left.  Had she regretted it?  Then he found a note on his kitchen counter.  It read, See you at work.  Mike called in, so they called to see if I could fill in.  Thanks for leaving me sore.  Do it again sometime, if you like.  Hugs and kisses, Kitty.

Suddenly, working today sounded fantastic.


2 comments on “Thanks for leaving me sore… Do it again sometime…

  1. rollingstoneskitty
    July 24, 2017

    That was great!  I couldn’t help but giggle each time I saw my name, lol.  Oh, and u spell it Kathryn. 

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    • nosleepandcrazy
      July 24, 2017

      lol, i have only known you as Kitty. I will have to go back and edit lol.

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