This shit is real and really crazy

Is the sexy secretary thing over done….

“Please hold all my calls for the next hour, Mrs. Hall” he said as he smoothly walked through the main section of the floor.  As he passed her desk, she … Continue reading

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My cat isn’t dying… But it was gross…

Ok… so life lately… well In the midst of recovering from surgery, and my uncle being sick and then my uncle dying and relationship stuff and oldest friend stuff and … Continue reading

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Losing my mojo….

Ok… not sure where to begin other than, if you are still reading my shit…. thanks cause I know I have been gone for a while…. and by while, I … Continue reading

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My Uncle is dying…

So I think the title is pretty clear. He had a heart attack and is in kidney failure. He’s on a ventilator and saying his goodbyes through his daughter, my … Continue reading

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Tramp stamp cover up…

So I am sure it’s a tale as old as time. Girl loves someone. Girl gets tattoo showing that love. Girl wants ideas to cover up that tat because she … Continue reading

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I want my fingers to memorize your body like a blind reads braille…

“Saw your page and I want to get to know you better.” That was the first message he sent.  Without even trying, he passed a few of her tests.  He … Continue reading

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To finger an asshole, or not…. That is the question….

Ok, so let’s talk about the asshole… woooo scary… NOT!!  Some of you are scared of that little tight hole, and some of you are not, and some of you… … Continue reading

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